It’s an African Fashion Revolution, It’s Time you Get with the Program!

Ladybrille has said and has been quoted saying, “. .it is only a matter of time when Africa’s inspired blouses and dresses will become main staples in the West like the modern takes we see with Kimonos.” Yes you heard it FIRST at Ladybrille before New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Vogue and definitely before FADER Magazine.

Well what do you know? According to FADER Magazine White Label [by Zachary Smile boutique] is a line the store launched late last year, and the new printed dresses are made from fabric exclusively from the Ivory Coast.There is an endless choice of prints—from hot and tropical florals to a particularly fetching heart print—in a limited fabric run with something to tickle pretty much any girl’s fancy.” Now get this! The White Label is a “higher end extension for the boutique,” which was already being sold at Barneys. Read all about this boutique and see the numerous African print “vintage” dresses at

Some few thoughts:
First, African designers need to start calling their Ankara dresses “vintage,” [ you laugh]

Second, they need to treat Ankara as “high-end.” Don’t wait till the West calls it high end before you know it is [you laugh but we mean it!]

Third, while we think it is amazing to see all types of people, Whites included, selling African inspired lines to high-end boutiques,we would sure like to also see African designers sell to high end boutiques in the West.

Folks, we have work to do! It is indeed a revolution and borrowing words from Senator Obama, Africa’s Fashion industry, fashionistas and lovers of Africa’s fashion industry, “this is our moment. This is our time.” Be a part of the Ladybrille movement, Africa’s Fashion Revolution is just beginning!

Ladybrille Magazine

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  1. Ladybrille says:

    Chichi the name of the retail boutique is Zachary Smile. You may contact them withe the following link: African designers who already make these type of designs, we suggest you also contact the retail store to see if you can sell some of your merchandize to them. You never know.

  2. Chichi says:

    I love the outfits. Could you please tell me have the name of the website or shop where I can buy the outfit?

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