Interview: Lexx Ore on Diabetes and the Making of Africa’s First Afrobeat Dance Movie @TDMP



“The Dance Movie Project (#TDMP) is inspired by real-life events. The plot follows a talented duo, Femi and Wale, two brothers who despite the disapproval of their single mother, continue to chase their passion for dance.

The lives of the brothers take an unexpected down-turn when their ailing mother is diagnosed with diabetes. This compounds the family’s already precarious financial position as they wrestle with the increased costs of their mother’s hospitalization. Events reach a critical point, when it is discovered that their mother is fast deteriorating and the only remedy that can save her life is an expensive kidney transplant.  As the brothers scramble to find options to save the life of their mother, the largest national dance competition in Nigeria’s history is announced with a lucrative prize pool.”

The man behind the film, Alexander ‘Lexx’ Ore,  shares  his journey to making the yet to be produced film, his current crowd funding efforts at to raise money for the film and the poor lifestyle and health choices of many Nigerians/Africans make which contributes to the diabetes epidemic on the continent.

It is a much needed conversation that aims to marry a passion for dance with a passion for helping youths; and having African parents recognize and nurture the creative talents in their children. Nigeria, the giant of Africa, has a strong dance culture (in 2006, a Nigerian group broke the Guiness book of records for the world’s longest dancing record with a time of 52 hours and 3 minutes), nevertheless, dance as a profession is still frowned upon. Equally frowned upon and worse, stigmatized, are persons who suffer any kind of illness, including diabetes.

The interview is conducted by Ladybrille’s Uduak Oduok who is also a host for The Africa Music Law show on

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