African Cinema: WATCH the BRILLIANT MR. &.MRS. Movie Starring Award Winning Actors NSE IKPE-ETIM & JOSEPH BENJAMIN Courtesy TV NOLLY – @NseIkpeEtim

Mr. & Mrs. is a powerful screenplay that captures the lives of two couples and the complexities of their relationships. Couple #1 Mr. & Mrs. Abah are very affluent and seem to have it all except, Mr. Abah is particularly ashamed of his wife’s “wretched” background. Although Mrs. Abah is a lawyer, she is a daughter of a  “wash man” or as she insists “a dry cleaner” and that is not enough for Mr. Abah.  What unfolds in beautiful pictures and dialogue is an emotionally abusive relationship led by Mr. Abah,  consistent with the  negative stereotype of the African man. Will this couple be able to salvage their relationship?

Couple #2 are close friends of the Abahs. The wife is an executive in one of the top companies in Nigeria. Gender roles are switched as she is the bread winner of the family and has the most understanding and supportive husband. Everything looks so perfect with her perfect husband. But, look closely. Is it really perfect? Will this couple stay together?

WATCH to find out!

The cinematography, plot, overall mature dialogue and outstanding acting, especially by the lead characters in this film, makes it a must watch from beginning to the end.

To learn more about Nse Ikpe-Etim who we introduced you to in November of 2011, visit our Ladybrille’s 15 Questions With . . .Nse Ikpe-Etim here.

Director:Nigeria’s Ikechukwu Oyeka
Producer: Chinwe Egwuagu
Cast (Lead characters): Joseph Benjamin, Nse Ikpe-Etim
Title: Mr. & Mrs.
1 hr. 39 mins
Online Distributor:
Film Industry: Nollywood
Ladybrille Rating: 5 Stars


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