Industry Moves: CEO Elaine Edozien Taps into the Power of Now with ShoMya Makeup Artistry

ElaineNigeria’s PR gurus Yetunde Taiwo and Bobby Taylor are just some of  Ladybrille®Nigeria professionals who began their passion as a hobby and are now doing what they love, full time, and “taking no prisoners” as they go. Adding to the list of industry forward entrepreneurs is Elaine Edozien, CEO of ShoMya Makeup Artistry.

Edozien is a trained professional makeup artist who juggled a 9-5 during the day and her true passion, making women look gorgeous, the rest of her time. This past October, she finally said bye bye to her 9-5 to pursue her true passion, fulltime.

“I have recently moved from working in the Financial Sector in London (Asset Management) to pursue my passion for makeup – a passion I have had for as long as I can remember,” says Edozien to LadybrilleNigeria. “Some see this as a gamble or a not so wise move, given the current economic situation but I see this as a great step in the right direction.”

We agree Edozien. On the contrary, “given the current state of the economy” it IS a step in the right direction. A time to “Tap into the Power of Now” as one of the most powerful entrepreneurs Vivek Ranadivé, Founder and Chairman & CEO of TIBCO has adviced.

Some of the world’s famous companies were built by entrepreneurs during a recession. They were entrepreneurs who realized life is too short and took heed to the advice, “Just Do You.” Today, millions of people around the world are employees of these BOLD entrepreneurs who didn’t wait around to predict when things would get better, but instead went about the business of creating enterprises.

Within Nigeria’s fashion and beauty industry, we can count only but a very few makeup artist with superior skills. The industry, Edozien, is at your feet and its sister industries like film and music can definitely use you and ShoMya Makeup Artistry.

Ladybrille®Nigeria salutes you for a bold and daring move.

To patronize ShomMya’s beauty business, visit ShoMya’s official facebook  fan page and get ready for a full launch of in a week!

LadybrilleNigeria’s Industry Moves highlights Nigeria’s fashion business moves made by the industry professionals. If you have been promoted, starting a new business, rebranding, acquiring new businesses and want to share your industry move, please e-mail us at [email protected].

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~Photos courtesy ShoMya

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  1. TAdes says:

    100% behind the natural looking make-up. Very impressive!

  2. Gogo says:

    I’ve known Shomya for over 15yrs and she has always had a passion for life, beauty and makeup. It’s nice to finally see her dream become a reality. Go on E we are all behind u xx.

  3. I loveeeeee shomya!

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