'Inale' to Make History as Nigeria's 1st Musical Film (VIDEO)

‘Inale’ Nigeria’s first musical film is coming to a theater near you in two weeks . The film whose styling and costuming incorporates Nigeria’s fabrics and accessories is according to film producers:

“The story of Inale is a folklore told in Otukpo, Benue state. Inale is a tale about true love, betrayal, family, duty and tradition; the first Nigerian musical ever in celluloid. Shot in Los Angeles, California, USA and in the fruitful lands of Benue State, it centers on the life of the Princess of Otukpo, Inale (Caroline Chikezie) the “treasure” of the land, who found happiness and true love in the heart of Ode (Hakeem Kae Kasim).

The film begins with a grandfather telling his granddaughter a tale he had heard from his many journeys to the great land of Nigeria, which would serve as her lullaby for the night. The story starts with Inale and Ode’s admission of love for each other and how tomorrow will be the first of many of their lives together after he wins the wrestling competition. Ode conquers all competitors of all shapes and sizes, and as he is about to claim his victory and the heart of his true love, the short (lived) merriment (is) obstructed by a masked stranger asking for a chance to compete against the about to be named (husband). Unknown to all, the stranger’s intrusion sets in motion events that neither Inale nor anyone in the land of Otukpo contemplated or foresaw. With her love for Ode and her kingdom put to the test Inale’s adventure begins . .  .”

Hakeem Kae Kasim (Lead actor)
Caroline Chikezie (Lead actress)
Ini Edo
Keppy Ekpeyong
Dede Mabiaku
Directed by Jeta Amata
Produced by Keke Bongus
Original Music by Bongus Ikwue

NOTE: has not reviewed this film, yet. Synopsis is by film makers &
Courtesy photo

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  1. tanks God that i have wach the film is very interisting i reall love the film but what now is to know how i can see the producer of the film becous i will like to join plz sir if u can give chance but this is my number +1247037505117 or sir +1248092310917

  2. Mike says:

    Too bad Ola Balogun’s “Muzik Man” is lost. There are a lot of people out there that would really like to see this film.

  3. Well, I’ve not seen this movie so I have no comment on its content but I do have a problem with its advertising, specifically with the claim that it is making history as Nigeria’s first musical film.

    Tunde Kelani made the movie musical Campus Queen in 2004. And even if you want to add the qualifier “shot on celluloid,” Ola Balogun made the musical “Muzik Man” as early as 1976… and yes, it was shot on celluloid.

    People have really got to stop spreading ignorance with this constant historical revisionism and erasure of the past.

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