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Enrique Pascal Ladybrille Man of the Month on Mindshift Talk Radio, 10pm EST

Enrique Pascal, Ladybrille Man of the Month June 2010, will be on MindShift Talk Radio today at 10 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) discussing the “Renewal of the mind.” What to expect? Read his inspiring article on having the right attitude in life  to know what to anticipate.

“Our attitude is no different than cologne or perfume – it gives off sweet or bad aromas. A good attitude unlocks closed doors, and a bad attitude keep them shut. A good attitude is the foundation for success, and a bad attitude will burn bridges along the way. A good attitude looks for solutions, and a bad attitude wallows in the problems. A good attitude attracts the best, and a bad attitude attracts the worse.

Our attitude is a well-tailored outfit or a cheap one with missing buttons and hanging strings. Our attitude is our inner outfit, and it displays our thoughts, beat of our heart, and position of our Spirit. Many of our outcomes can be traced, to a funky smelling, cheap looking fashion statement – Attitude! This is the thing we wear that says, “I do or I don’t care.”

If you’re wearing a bad smelling scent and cheap outfit, you can change it “Right Now.” All you have to do is put on a sweet scent and a priceless outfit – Attitude. We do this by simply making a decision to change. Remember, “Change is good!”

I can remember when I wore the worse smelling cologne and the cheapest outfit, and now, I wear the best smelling cologne and a priceless outfit – Attitude. In fact, my new outfit is a fashion statement that will never go out of style. Attitude is our internal outfit, which is showcased externally daily! What do you smell like, and what are you wearing today? Attitude!

Have a victorious week. God bless you.”

~Article by Enrique Pascal

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