Are Black Women Being Hypocritical? Africa’s LADY Gaga, DENCIA, Defends Selling Whitenicious on BBC and UK’s Channel 4

Okay Ladies. I shared this story, initially, about Dencia on my other platform However, as Dencia continues to gain even more momentum with her Whitenicious product, I wonder what your impressions are of her statements defending her ability to sell her skin lightening cream? Dencia, to me, also raises a valid point about what Africans and Black women do, in general, to their hair with hair relaxers. We do change the natural textures of our hair with chemicals, many of which are quite dangerous to our health. Is that any different from bleaching or are we just being hypocritical? Let’s “keep it 100” on this one.

Watch the clips below.

Dencia on BBC News

Dencia on Channel 4

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  1. Mee says:

    I think people re truely hypocritical. This lady is not different from any other manufacturers . We as buyers choose to buy or not to buy no matter how colourful the advert maybe.
    The choice to bleach the skin rest solely on individuals not d manufacturer. Just like medicines we use, we need to read the labels and make our own informed choices no matter how convincing the advert maybe.

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