African Cinema: Watch ‘An African City,’ Africa’s Answer to ‘SEX and The City’ (VIDEO)

Over the past seven years I have witnessed, as many of you Ladybrillers have, a digital revolution that has permitted Africans to tell their own stories. Indeed, you all, along with Ladybrille, have told and shared these stories as well, including on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, and instagram.

However, I have always felt that the story of the African in the diaspora, particularly the USA, has been missing. I am one of those in the diaspora so I should know right? Born in the USA, spent my childhood in Nigeria, returned to the USA. Yet, what I find, often, is that our experiences are either diminished or dismissed both by Africans on the continent and Africans in the diaspora who return home and try to fit in or build their own financial future on the continent.

It has been one of particular irritation to me. So, I am particularly appreciative of the web series ‘An African City’ which, to me, is brilliant story telling on display that shows another important yet often ignored side to the African story.

What makes the web series brilliant beyond the straight forward plots of the African returnee, engaging dialogue, strong cinematography and talented actresses, is that they do touch on social issues that the average African, especially the African woman, faces and feels powerless or ill-equipped to confront and address.The social issues range  from bribery and corruption, sexual harassment/women’s rights in the workplace, an unregulated real estate industry to romantic relationships.

What is also particularly neat about the story is that the directors really marry the Western experience with the explosive growth in Africa’s fashion and entertainment industries. The works of designers that have been featured on Ladybrille such as Christie Brown, Aya Morrison and artists such as Ghana’s Samini all combine to give this show a rich and flavorful texture. I see a network picking it up as it continues to gain momentum.

Meet the Directors and Producers and then watch Episodes 1-3.

-Uduak Oduok

Nicole Amarteifio is the Creator of ‘An African City.’ As Nicole pursued a career in international development, her love for film simultaneously began to form. As a returnee to her home country of Ghana, she found male-female dynamics intriguing and began to write, first with poetry, then with short stories and, finally, with screenplays. With the screenplays, she decided to bring them to life in an online webseries – hoping that women across the African continent would feel uplifted even if with just a few laughs. Concurrently, Nicole’s work in development made her also start yearning for media that rejected the stereotype of the African woman as poor and dire, but as intelligent, modern and classy. With that desire, Nicole set out to create: ‘An African City.’

Millie MonyoNicole holds a Bachelor of Arts in African Studies from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, and received a Master of Professional Studies in Corporate Communications/Public Relations from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Nicole began her communications career in international development at The Whitaker Group where she organized events for African governments and assisted in the organization of African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) forums. Nicole then went on to develop communication strategies for the Government of Ghana as well as for the United States African Development Foundation and the Corporate Council on Africa. At the age of twenty-eight, Nicole became the first-ever social media strategist for the Africa Region at the World Bank.

Millie Monyo is the Executive Producer of ‘An African City.’ As a New Yorker by birth with roots in Ghana, Millie’s creative spirit drew her to Africa’s first-ever web series; she believes in the cast and crew of ‘An African City’ and wants to see the show evolve from a web series into a full-blown TV show. She hopes this show will not only motivate African women throughout the continent and the Diaspora, but help to connect all women of all races, ethnicities and cultures from around the world.

Millie graduated from the University of Maryland in College Park with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Mass Media and an emphasis on Business Management. Founder of MiMo Designs, the journey for Millie started as an intern at a Lizzie Grubman Public Relations in New York City where she rose through the ranks to become Senior Publicist of Entertainment and Fashion.

Episode 1 – The Return

Episode 2 – Sexual Real Estate

Episode 3 – An African Dump

Episode 4 – Customs Emergency

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