African Nations, Media & Entertainment Personalities Join the World to Help Haiti

If you listen to the news since January 12th, 2010 when Haiti was hit with a massive 7.0 earthquake killing over 150,000 Haitians, you would get the sense that Africa does not care about its fellow black skinned people. It appears only Western countries and celebrities have been the ones helping Haiti! Not so fast. Yes, most of Africa has been very slow to respond, especially big giants like Nigeria who just yesterday announced donation of $1.5million to Haiti with a promise of $3.5million to follow in medical supplies and relief materials. Nevertheless, there are a few African countries who responded fast and many are now joining the bandwagon.

In addition, while Africa’s fashion and entertainment industries have simply been unresponsive (big wigs like Nigeria and South Africa, where art thou?), we are seeing some few industry personalities do something about Haiti.

Monetary Donations from African Countries
The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – $2.5 million
Senegal-$1 million
Gabon- $1million
Republic of the Congo- $1million
Namibia- $1 million
Equatorial Guinea -$2 million
Mauritius -$500,000
Botswana -$150,000
Rwanda -$100,000
Sierra Leone -$1 million
Liberia – $50,000

Service Donations from African Nations (Police and/Civilian Help)
Benin (32)
Burkina Faso (26)
Cameroon (8)
Central African Republic (7)
Chad (3)
Côte d’Ivoire (60)
the Democratic Republic of Congo (2)
Egypt (22)
Guinea (55)
Madagascar (2)
Mali (55)
Niger (62)
Nigeria (128)
Rwanda (14)
Senegal (131)
Togo (5)

African Media (Print,Online & bloggers) Keeping Haiti on the Radar
Shop Liquorice
Shei Funmi
Nigerian Curiosity

Africa’s Fashion & Entertainment Industry Personalities Doing Something about Haiti

Fashion Designer Mustafa Hassanali also brains behind Swahili Fashion Week writes:
” . . .Please SMS the word REDALERT to number 15599 ….A VODACOM TANZANIA LTD disaster relief appeal to its customers, in order to assist the 10,000 people left homeless due to floods in Tanga,Dodoma,Same and Morogoro.

All proceeds go to the National Disaster Relief Programme under the Prime Ministers Office…..I HAVE sent the TEXT… and shall keep on doing so Now and Then…

It’s ONLY Tsh 250/= Less than 0.2 US DOLLARS per text Message

“Haba Na Haba Hujaza Kibaba”
Pamoja Tunaweza……..

It Begins with us with Baby Steps….For our People
Hi TV Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Damilola Amolegbe, who is also owner of Haute Magazine/Fashion Africa is putting together a fundraiser event called Seven (point) Zero.
Event: Seven (point) Zero
“Fundraiser for Haiti Earthquake Victims”
What: Fundraiser
Start Time: Saturday, January 30 at 6:00pm
End Time: Sunday, January 31 at 12:00am

Nigeria’s credible and respected DJ, DJ Mighty Mike Presents – Heavy Something Part 7 (Naija mixtape)
Fully Mastered CD Version (with support for skipping through tracks) available via paypal (shipping to u.s destinations). All proceeds go to haiti, towards the disaster relief. Ask about international shipping. Visit DJ Mighty Mike here.

Nigerian USA based designer Estella Couture
The images on the screens are heart breaking! And sadly, what happened to people in Haiti can happen to anyone of us.
We have given money, and we have prayed for them. What else can we give?
Our talents?
Sure. We Can!
Can you sew? Then, please bring that talent to our SEW FOR HAITI Sew off Session!
Date: January 30th, 2010
Time: 12 noon -4 pm
Venue: 2200 S Dakota Ave., NE Washington DC.

Please sign up, let us come together and be a blessing to Haiti at a time they need everyone of us! Wherever you are, distance should not be a hindrance!

* If you live outside the DC Metro area, create something and mail to us and we shall include it in our totaly package.

You can sign up here or send an email to: [email protected]

IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO SEW, Please COME! We will give you a one-hour Free crash course! And come earlier – 11:00am!

All we need from you is that: You make something with your hands and leave note of encouragement or prayer on it. Could be: pillow, wrap skirt, a T-shirt, tote bag, scarves etc….just easy crafts and projects.

Please pass this message around.


Do Something positive!!!

God Bless you.
Estella Ogbonna

~Donation and Service link compiled via America.gov, BBC Africa, Pundita

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