5 Recessionista Fashion Tips for your Tight Budget, Style Me 3 Episode 9

Style Me Nigeria Season 3 is almost wrapping up! We’ve had fun sharing with you transformations of style victims by the lovely host Isioma Aihie and her equally lovely and fun co-host Wana Udobang. For Style Me Season 3 Episode 9, it gets even more delightful with some pragmatic fashion tips for the brilliant Naija “Recessionista” (recession + fashionista)  on a tight budget!

Here are five tips the duo share with us:

1. Hair- Upgrade your style for less. As Wana puts it, you “do not have to rob a bank for your Brazilian or Indian hair.” The key is to purchase affordable yet stylish hair. Substitute your ₦110,000 weave for a weave that ranges from ₦500-₦5,000 yet remains brilliant! We bet you are smiling with this tip!

2. Nails- It would be nice to go to the nail salon to have your nails looking really sweet! But what is a Naija Recessionista to do? Times are hard o. The Style ME team hears ya. Wana suggests instead of the acrylic drama you are so used to, skip the drama, “buy it and stick it on at home.” Whoo hoo!  Fantastic savings for sweet homemade nails!

3. Accessories and Clothes- Isioma says there is a misconception that (Victoria) Island is super expensive when it comes to shopping for clothes. Cardinal “Recessionista” rule, never  forclose your shopping opportunities! Check out some boutiques/stores in the island that are affordable and come with a more relaxed ambience. Bottom line, bargain hunt whether you are shopping in V.I., Surulere or as Wana points out, “Bend Down Select” aka Second hand clothing. There should be no shame in your Recessionista fashion game.

4. Recycle, recycle, recycle. “Recycle kini,” you ask? Abeg no be only oyinbo people they recycle o! Times are hard and we Nigerians understand or should understand the importance of recycle even better than Oyinbos do. Accordingly, consider Isioma’s suggestion to swap clothes with friends. This can be a fabulous thing and actually a great business idea for our ever business savvy LadybrilleNigeria reader. Think Crossroads Trading & Co. in the USA.

5. Finally, be creative. Wear one outfit in so many ways. Whether it is a t-shirt, scarf, or dress, ladies, there are so many ways to wear one piece of item and still be truly a brilliant lady (Ladybrille). For tees, Isioma says to embellish and have fun! Your scarf can be a top or belt depending on the look you are going for. Get the idea? For a dress, you can throw a blazer over it for a more conservative look and lose the blazer for a night out with the ladies. Get the idea?

Watch the video clips for more tips and enjoy Episode 9 Style ME makeover, twenty two year old style victim Eva who likes to throw in the kitchen sink when it comes to style. Style ME team takes Eva style a notch down as they apply Lagbaja’s “coolu temper” on Eva.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

~LadybrilleNigeria Staff
~Photo: Courtesy Photo

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