Young African Leaders Conference Atlanta, Georgia Feb.25th-26th, 2011

Four fascinating young African women came together to brainstorm ideas for Africa youth development and change. There may be four different perspectives but a unified approach in moving the continent forward. In many ways the founders of the Young African Leaders Conference provide the perfect metaphor for what could happen when we champion the same worthy cause.

Forward-looking, gap-bridging, and future-oriented are some of the words that come to mind when the mission of the organization is read.

“We hope to ignite a philanthropic and active spirit within the youth so that they will be empowered by the belief of their capabilities and become concerned about the welfare of their communities. We plan to help rebuild the degenerated cross-cultural connection within African countries and abroad, restore the passion of maintaining a cultural identity, and replace the under-represented face of young Africans making a difference.”

Young African Leaders Conference Schedule:
The Young African Leaders Conference is scheduled to take place on February 25th – 26th, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. The two-day conference will be the first of a three-part series. The theme of this conference series is entitled: Connecting the Vision: Refining what it means to be Young, African and a Leader.

February 25th- Opening Party/ Networking Soiree
The purpose of this networking party is to expose young influential members of the community to one another so that we can begin to develop an expansive connected network of talented individuals in an environment fused with culture and entertainment.

February 26th- YAL Conference: 10:00am- 2:00pm

10:00am- Welcome video presentation: “Where have all the leaders gone?”

10:30am- Opening address by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed

10:45am- Organizers address to the conference participants

10:50am-Keynote Speakers Address

11:00am- Sparking the conversation: “Who AM I?” Presentations (skits and oratorical presentations)

11:15am- Panel Discussion:

I. Identity (A discussion shedding light on the issue of defining a sense of cultural identity in regard to being a leader.  How can one lead if they haven’t identified who they are?)

11:50am- Setting the tone: Cultural Dance Selection (Afro-Heart Beats ) (8 minutes)

12:00pm- Panel Discussion:

I. Relationships (A discussion on the issues of traditional values and beliefs and their effects on relationships from a romantic perspective, business perspective, and social perspective. How do you lead effectively while maintaining your traditional beliefs? Or do you reject them and assimilate to the community around you?)

12:50pm Video Presentation of Economic environments of African communities

1:00pm- Panel Discussion:

I. Business and Economics (Diffusing the Brain Drain: How do we begin to lead our communities in the new global environment? What are the risks, possible successes and concerns involved?)

1:50pm Closing remarks and dismissal.


Young African Leaders Conference:

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