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We  began our competition yesterday allowing you all a chance to win tickets to Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Arise Magazine Show. The show is one of the livest if not the livest fashion show at New York Fashion Week. It is a production you guys. So, here are some of the entries and we are so loving all entries so far. Check them out, join, and let us know your thoughts!

Fulei Ngangmuta
‎1. Ladybrille & ARISE’s one major contribution to Africa’s fashion is exposure. Without having both of these awesome outlets, the world of fashion would still have no clue to the shear creativity & forward fashion that if taking place in Africa.
2. I believe African designers need consistency, continuity & technology. Consistency for the sake that you cannot be here one minute & then nowhere to be found the next. You must have a consistent brand. Continuity in 2nd aspect of knowing what the trends will be & having ur line speak w/ elements of it. Not just designing haphazardly but w/ a flow to tell a story. 3rd technology in the sense to use to the benefit of your brand. A well working website, programs that assist in the growth of the brand ie Autocad, photoshop etc. & connections to social networking sites for exposure.
3. St. Petersburg, FL

Back in the day African Fashion in America was fake kente cloth & kufi hats…today though thanks to the contribution of magazines like ladybrille & Arise there is more awareness because they have brought the diversity of African Fashion to the international community. Also in this age of celebrity, fashion is very much tied to the music & movie industries…so African designers need to bring their fashion to those industries first if they want to expand their impact in the US market….thanx & I wish Africa continued success!!!
Keep Rising,
~Afia Nortey
Repping Accra, GH via NY, NY

AJ’waa Abeasi
Ladybrille and Arise Magazine continue to bring African fashion to the forefront of international fashion. Now all eyes are on Africa! New African designers need to start cultivating strong partnerships with already established brands or personalities who have made their mark in the U.S fashion industry.
Atlanta, GA

Ren Dc
I think that one of the contributions that Ladybrille and Arise Africa have made to the African Fashion industry is definitely theinterbational recognition of its photographers and models.

I think African designers should create alliances with stores, designers and magazines to stimulate the exposure of their creations to the American market.

My name is Ren and I live in NY. I’m hoping to win tickets for fashion show. Thank you.

Pam Ebele
‎1.) One contribution I believe both Ladybrille and Arise Magazine have made to Africa’s fashion Industry is giving Africa an international and sophisticated voice and mode of expression. For so long, many Africans, including those of the Diaspora, have craved for respresentations of Africa and its influnce in an elegant, postitve and self-motivating light. These magazines have done just that an
d the impact is immediate–from Burberry Porsum adopting ankara for one of their recent collections to Mercedes Benz hosting African designers at this year’s FNO.

2.) I think the number one requirement for African designers breaking into the US market is authenticity. If one’s product is good, people will love it and subsequently buy. Hard, true and authentic work does not go unnoticed.

3.) New York City (Manhattan), NY

Ladybrille Magazine & Arise Magazine have contributed tremendously to the African fashion industry by exposing our rich fashion/culture to the Global economy. I personally think African Fashion designers need to think out of the box from the basic pieces to other fashion accessories, although initiatives have been adopted in the past year to expand from just clothes to african printed shoes, bags, etc., many other fashion apparels have yet to be made using our vibrant African prints (eg hand lauggage made out of gorgeous ankara prints….who knows??) ;-)………….Far Rockaway, NY.

These are all great entries that will help our African designers and fashion industry.



Ladybrille Team

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