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X.O Senavoe Chosen for 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards Nigerian Cypher

Rapper X.O Senavoe, one of Ladybrille’s Artists to Watch, has been chosen as one of this year’s representative for the 2011 BET Nigerian Cypher debut at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Last year, BET, through Lilian Blankson (first introduced to you all in an exclusive by Ladybrille) and the BET International Staff, launched the BET Ghana hip-hop cypher which we covered right here on This year, they extended the coveted cypher event to Ghana’s  neighboring country, Nigeria. Senavoe, of Nigerian and Ghanaian parentage, was chosen alongside some of the Nigeria’s highly respected rap artists including Naeto C, M.I, Modenine and Blaise.

Stay tuned for  more news.

Watch the BET Ghana Cypher here which also includes Ladybrille Artist to Watch D-Black and Ghana’s Sarkodie.

X.O Senavoe- C4

[audio:|titles=C4 by X.O Senavoe Twitter- @xo_senavoe]

“”C4” – X.O Senavoe
They say – I be killin’ em, right? I be killin’ em
Before I begin lemme ask Fab what he thinks – NICE (fab)
Ok, that’s fair – I’m about to go in
This beat is like a burning house, Senavoe is the fireman (laugh)
And they Chel sea (shall see) who is with this Man United
I hired all the(se) Gunners but I’m used to doing the firing
Featherweight rappers, I pluck ’em like some violins
Only reason I will retire – to stop the Violence

Oh I’m sorry, (i forgot) I just started
Call me The Rainman – my flow’s retaaaaarded
Xpoint0’s what I’m recording
Shout-out Tha Rapman – Boys are not smiling!
We laughing tho, cos its hysterical
That any rapper would ever wanna test X.O Senavoe
You wearing panty hose? I’m hot – Pentecost
King of the East, West, North, South – and every coast!

My thoughts – (are) like Jigsaws
Up and down like see-saw

Wanna see a scary movie? See Saw!
Or see me – I got a scary CV
The only way you se’ N-A-V-O-E (is) TV
I’m all top 3 – New Orleans – CP –
3 blind mice wanna see me? – see these
Alikoto rappers with effects like CG – ANY spitter ‘fore u hit reply – cc me

And yeah my brothers are the CC three
Like Simpsons we see more (Seymour) – X.O is C4!
And on every thing I spit I blow it up like C4
All I see is haters washed up – call em ‘sea pork’
What u going at me for? See – I’m just be tryna cor-
Dial, u wanna be an ass?Eeyore? Hee Haw
See horse – me voice, you noise, me hoarse
Me star-ving and rappers is looking like 3 course

Popse was ‘f’earless, Momsee was ‘f’earless
The ‘f’ do u think I would be?
Yo lemme breathe, how many leaves u wanna pluck of my tree?
And when I say u suck leaves – I’m not talking the tea
See I could leave you Black Eyed – but I prefer Peas (peace)
Not beef, good food for good health, with which I feed myself
So I am never caught up and still can be myself
Ho hum – See the flow is so dumb, but it speaks for itself

No single, big features, no album
The first year of rapping – and this is the outcome?
Powdered the best – I call it the Talcum
I give God the thanks, my whole life’s the welcome
A king like Martin, spi-ttin’ like Malcolm
X – O Senavoe – there’s no body like him
Everybody loves him – Raymond
“XpointO”, “It’s Possible”
Pray now, Amen!

If you never heard of – X.O Senavoe
You are now rocking with – X.O – Senavoe
Lagos Abuja oya – X.O Senavoe
Accra Kumasi eye – X.Ooo Senavoe
Yankee fellas dey feel – X.O Senavoe
London mamis dey rep – X.O Senavoe
Africa runs with – X.O Senavoe
The whole world’s like – X.O Senavoe . . . ”

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-Uduak Oduok

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