Video: Beat 99.9FM's Olisa Adibua "Apologizes" Seated Next to Adewunmi Oyekanmi, Ask Media and Public to Desist with "this Whole Chirade" -What Arrogance? has intentionally been left out of the  Olisa Adibua and Adewunmi Oyekanmi workplace violence saga since it was not necessarily relevant to the content presented on the site for you our audience. But, since the site was tagged with the video below on Facebook, at the time of this writing, it only makes sense you all know about it.

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Adibua sent a press release and apologized. He seemed quite remorseful and sincere, to me, at least. Nevertheless, many doubted him. I guess to put out the fire, he decided to release a video seated next to Adewunmi, the victim?

I was actually okay with the Adibua apology until this video. Who suggested the video route? I am sorry, this is an epic fail, with all due respect. Adibua comes across disrespecting the media and the public at large. He also comes across condescending and clearly not remorseful.

What arrogance with the following statement “. . .I’m used to being attacked and being picked upon in the media. So, that’s nothing. That is  part of the territory I have been in. I accept it is part of the game. But someone like Dewunmi person who is a behind the scene person is not really used to the pressure setting on him. So you are not really doing him any favors by keeping on with this whole charade?”

Talk about being very, very rude. Unbelievable! First, why are you not seated facing Dewunmi to apologize on camera? Second,  how very disrespectful to refer to online sites, media, magazines, bloggers and the public at large as “keeping on with the whole charade?” When did you become a spokesperson for Dewunmi? Why do you portray yourself as a victim? You spend less than 40 seconds, at best, apologizing and the rest of your time scolding newsmedia and the public. Like seriously?

Olisa Adibua you beat Adewunmi  Oyekanmi blue in the face. His mouth is triple swollen. His right eye swollen. There is blood in his eye. There is no telling of the damage/impact on the brain at this early stage. All of these violent attack took place at a work environment, of which you also have female employees as co-workers! Oyekanmi is not your servant. He is a fellow co-employee. Even if he was your servant, you should still not attack him. You admit you lost control. You apologized via press release, fine. Now, how dare you get in front of  a video to tell magazines, media etc., that we are carrying on “with this whole chirade?” and that “you are used to the attack but he is not? ” It is not about you! Get over yourself!

Who suggested this video? That is the real problem. Olisa Adibua clearly does not know any better and the more he talks, the more he puts his foot in his mouth. Who suggested this video? Is anyone getting paid for this? You do not know your client and you did not prep him. This is unacceptable. He is an arrogant man and should not be in front of the camera speaking to the public and definitely not telling media and all other concerned parties that they need to quit “keeping on with this whole charade.” The incident hit the internet over the weekend when businesses  were closed. Expect when news media and the public get wind of it during this week, they will have something to say, good or bad.

You released your statement, move on with reconciliation and allow 2-3weeks for the dust to settle and Beat 99.9FM and whomever to make their decisions whether they will fire you. Basically, you lay low. You don’t get in front of a video camera and scold the media to desist “with this whole charade.” It is disrespectful, it shows you are non-remorseful and you just successfully poured more gasoline to the fire.

Who suggested this??!

-Uduak Oduok
-Photocredit: Dailynews

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  1. I still want to know. Why he beat the guy at Beating Fm. But seriuosly speaking Was he drunk? Because i belive that’s not the first time he mist have been drunk. I beieve this will not happen again.

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