Tips for Keeping Makeup in Check During Hot Weather

Lets face it, many of us, due to heat, sun and sweat find it hard to keep up the look we left the house with. Here are some tips for having that picture perfect face even when your sweat glands aren’t cooperating.

Go easy on creams and moisturizers. Applying creams or lotions on hot days isn’t really the best choice. If you must, stick to lanolin free moisturizers.

Say “no” to liquid foundation. These end up smudging when you sweat. Go for stick or cream foundation instead.

Dab, dont rub. Gently pat the sweat off the face it instead of rubbing.

Re-apply using a makeup brush. This is a better bet than the makeup sponge for hot days.

Is there really any difference between make up remover pads and baby wipes? Do makeup remover pads treat my face better than baby wipes? These are questions beauty regimen fanatics may have been curious about at one time or another. For many, the advent of makeup remover pads came as a huge relieve; it is a convenient way of having a clean makeup and dirt free face at night when too tired to take a bath or even wash the face. Facial wipes help in achieving that clean face we want, wherever, whenever. Many have also substituted this with baby wipes since it achieves the same purpose. So, next time you are at your retail counter and are wondering whether to go all the way out to get  facial wipes or simply get baby wipes, here are some of the pros and cons of both:

Pros of make up remover wipes
o It is convenient and easy
o Removes make up easily.

Cons of make up remover wipes
o May not be able to remove some deep seated dirt.
o Some are made with harsh chemicals and can cause reaction to sensitive skin like stinging and drying out.
o It can cost up to 6 times the amount of baby wipes. Also know that you may be paying for the package and brand name.

Pros of baby wipes
o Mild on the skin
o Convenient and easy

Cons of baby wipes
Can not remove heavy waxy make up like mascara

But if you must use facial wipes it will do you a load of good to have these in mind. Get one that has a soft texture.
One that is made with moisturizer, that doesn’t dry out the skin (read the ingredents it is made of before you buy). For sensitive skin, make sure it is hypoallergenic, Ph balance and alcohol free.

-Bola Oyedele

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