Tinu’s Shoeholic Video Hits 1million, Facebook Fan Page 20,000 + and Counting

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Okay,we are not even sure we should be feeding your Jimmy Choo, Manolo and many shoe addictions. But, these shoes are sure sexxxy! Our Ladybrille Woman of the Month September 2009, Tinu’s Shoeholic video has hit 1million viewers on Youtube. It was only last year she debuted it! With the success of the video, Tinu began a Shoeholics Facebook fanpage. 20,000+ and very active fans later, the fan page is growing strong. Who knew a video about shoes could cause all of these shoeholic drama? See some of our select choices and visit the group, if you are a shoeholic. Just don’t blame us if you go broke like Tinu in her Shoeholic video!

Photocredit: Tinu’s Shoeholics Facebook fan page.

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  2. Heaven!…someone take me there, i reallllly loooove heeeeels, the higher the better!!!!! Any chance of me getting a pair for free????….if someone is feeling HAPPY please DO NOT HESITATE to contact me for my slice of HEAVEN!

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