Think-Naija Initiative, Launches Trend #thinknaijatuesdays

The current economic downturn in Nigeria coupled with the epileptic rise and fall in the Dollars as against the Naira , has started reaping the positive effect in the mindset of the average Nigerian, as for once, citizens are beginning to look inwards , especially towards Made in Nigeria goods and services. According to the Greek Philosopher Plato, “necessity is the mother of all invention”

An Initiative currently making rounds on the social media is the “Think Naija Initiative”, championed by the co-ordinator , Mr Kazeem Bello, a logistics guru, to drag the spotlight to the average Nigerian to places , sights and goods, that are originally Nigerian.

The Think Naija Initiative with the support of social media influencers and celebrities, will every Tuesdays trend hashtag #thinknaijatuesdays #TNT to promote made in Nigeria products and tourism as an income earner for the country. Social media enthusiast would be expected to follow up the hashtag trend by tweeting or posting on instagram and facebook,any made in Nigeria goods , place or music, to promote a new culture of awareness of what Nigeria can offer to the world.

According to the Co-ordinator, “one way or the other, we are all guilty of neglecting our own, for lack of better standards or by reason of perception, that imported goods or foreign destination, is superior to their local counterpart. Every Nigerian, should start to see themselves as an ambassador of the country, promoting Nigerian destinations and goods, regardless of party , religious or tribal affiliations. It is only after bitter, comes the sweet.”

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