Fashion Business: Is Ghana the Next Garment Manufacturing Hub?

Ghana“Ghana – Growing shipping and labor costs have made Asian nations increasingly less attractive in the garment manufacturing business. With costs rising across the region, many manufacturers are looking for lower cost countries that are closer to major European and American markets. And Ghana has been demonstrating a strong potential to become the next garment manufacturing hub.

Fueled by low labor costs and being much closer to both the Eastern seaboard of the United States and Europe, Ghana and other African nations have the potential to suppliant Asian nations as the world’s top choice for low coast garment manufacturing. Years of underdevelopment have resulted in low labor costs in many African nations, including Ghana, and governments are open to trying new ventures. Many African governments are aggressively seeking international investments in order to build up their economies, thereby increasing stability and employment opportunities. Further, clothing in Ghana has traditionally made and repaired at home. This has resulted in a high percentage of the population, primarily women, possessing strong sewing skills

Industry experts estimate that producing garments in Ghana will reduce shipping times by up to ten days. Besides cutting shipping and fuel costs, this also allows manufacturers to adjust more quickly to the fast changing trends in the garment industry. Further, traditional garment manufacturers, such as India and China, have seen increasing minimum wages and costs of doing business. . .”

Textile Updates has the full story.

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