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The Rise and Rise of Bukola Are and House of Versatile Styles

Bukola Are wants to be a very successful fashion designer, the type you hear about worldwide. Her hunger and passion for such success is so intense you can feel it from thousands of miles away. One of the emerging African designers to embrace social media, she can be found on  (facebook, twitter etc.) promoting and informing all about her clothing brand House of Versatile Styles (HVS) 24/7. Ladybrille Magazine has featured both Are and HVS in the past and we continue to keep a close eye on her moves and e-retail  presence. One thing we like about the brand is its versatility and ability to accommodate larger fashion sizes not just the typical size 2-6, in the fashion industry. Check out HVS’s latest flyer for its showing during New York Fashion Week, mark your calendars and be prepared for the “Rise and Rise of  Bukola Are and House of Versatile Styles.”

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