20 Influential African Women Entrepreneurs in America to Watch in 2015

History will remember the 21st century as the century of the rise of women all around the world. African women have not been left out of this on-going wave of women empowerment. As African women back home are redefining their roles in the continent, their counterparts in the diaspora are also making their marks as …

LBW 004: Meet Amabel Niba, Publisher and Ladybrille Woman of the Month September 2014

What Does it Take Launch & Successfully Operate a Niche Magazine? Our Ladybrille Woman of the Month for September, Amabel Niba sheds light on what it takes to launch and successfully operate a niche magazine. The Ladybrille ‘Woman of the Month’ is a monthly feature on the magazine’s podcast show ‘Ladybrille Woman Podcast Show and website, that celebrates outstanding women, locally and internationally, for their brilliant contributions to society.

Amabel Niba is a motivational speaker, wife, mother, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Los Angeles based African Vibes Magazine. She earned her Bachelors’ degree in Business Information Systems at Devry College and her MBA at Keller Graduate School, both in Long Beach, California; and was a recipient of a Stanford University Fellowship where she studied Publishing.


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Quick Preview of the Podcast

  1. How the idea for African Vibes Magazine (AVM) was born.
  2. Amabel’s research into the publishing industry.
  3. Reaching out to the publishing industry heavy weights.
  4. The rejections.
  5. Determined and figuring how to publish AVM.
  6. Financing AVM.
  7. Operational costs and reality of running a publishing business.
  8. Obtaining sponsorship and advertising.
  9. The success of African Vibes Magazine.
  10. Brand expansion to ‘I Wear African.’
  11. Personal challenge and juggling family and business.
  12. The breakdown.
  13. Becoming a mommy.
  14. Getting back up.
  15. Tips for hopeful publishers and women entrepreneurs.

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African Vibes Magazine.

Amabel Niba’s Personal Website

Amabel Niba, Linkedin.

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Ladybrille Woman of the Month, Amabel Niba

Ifirst got introduced to this young woman through her husband, Elvis Niba, at the Nollywood Foundation Convention event 2006. He solicited me to contribute as a journalist for her bi-monthly publication, African Vibes Magazine [AVM]. I subsequently met Amabel and I was and remain impressed with her passion, drive and her commitment to the growth …