Agbani Darego to Host Stylogenic – New Pan African Style Focused Reality Show

One of the reasons we began LadybrilleNigeria was to help “shift the mindset of fashion in Nigeria from predominantly cultural to both a cultural AND business experience.”  Thankfully, we have additional help with the anticipated launch of Stylogenic, a pan African reality TV show to be hosted by Miss World 2001’s Agbani Darego.

Produced by Insight Communications and IBST Media, Stylogenic which airs this summer “stylistically” turns the “you better go and think of a real career!” reponse Nigerian parents have traditionally given their predestined lawyer, doctor, engineer children on its head! With an already fertile ground for investments in Nigeria’s fashion industry and the bright and positive spotlight enjoyed by Nigeria’s fashion industry professionals worldwide, Stylogenic attempts to reorient and solidify in the minds of Nigerians and other Africans that fashion is a very lucrative, professional and rewaring career any one can and/should aspire to enter.

Recently, show producers along with Agbani Darego and Stylogenic models were at a press conference call to discussthe 411 on  Stylogenics. If you are looking to be part of the show, see details below and stay tuned!

FORMAT & DISTRIBUTION: Stylogenic is a 48minute  TV Format show that will also make use of online and mobile technologies as distribution systems for the show!

CONTESTANTS: Six style teams consisting of six members (designer, photographer, hair & makeup stylist, clothing stylist and fashion model ) all compete against each other for the grand prize. GRAND PRIZE to be announced!

LENGTH OF SHOW: 13 Episodes

PRIZE: Showing at NewYork Fashion Week plus other tentative prizes to be announced soon!

WHO CAN COMPETE: Eligible Africans based on the continent and in the diaspora. Details comining soon!

SHOW SCHEDULE: Airs September 2010.


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