Special Thanks to Our Top 5 Nigerian Owned PR Firms Who Get it Right!

The publishing business is not for the faint at heart. It has its highs and lows. As much as we would love to feature the many progressive stories of Nigerians worldwide doing great things, we simply can’t do it by ourselves. That is where public relations firms come in to help make our lives easier, streamline things and direct our attention to Nigerians who are in one word, “brilliant.” Just like these PR agencies philippines are. specifically thanks the following public relations firms who seem to “get it” when it comes to what public relations is all about. Over the past year and for some longer, these firms have directed our attention to truly great Nigerians; and through their content and presentation, made it truly easy and seamless for us to sift through stories and determine editorially what works for our audience and publication(s). The firms are:

1. Redstrat: Chude Jideonwo & the rest of the Redstrat team are always on point. They get it right from press releases and accompanying pictures to media relations. Their releases are on topic, usually well written and relevant to our audience.There is nothing as annoying as receiving poorly written and irrelevant press releases that has nothing to do with the demographics we serve. We click the delete button and feel empathy for the clients who pay these lazy PR firms.

2. Big Sam Media: Although new to us, they also share the same attributes like Redstrat. There is room for improvement especially with the way they hype their clients. Nevertheless, overall, they “get it” on what PR is about.

3. Bobby Taylor PR: It has truly been a pleasure working with Bobby Taylor and her PR team. Through Bobby Taylor, we have discovered some amazing Nigerian talents in both fashion and music. Always professional, never disrespectful, regardless of the situation, and truly keeps her clients at the forefront of it all. Thanks for making our lives at Ladybrille so easy.

4. ICY PR: Another excellent PR firm is ICY PR. Like the Bobby Taylor company, Yetunde Taiwo and her team at ICY PR remain very professional and very respectful, regardless. ICY PR’s quality work has had us at Ladybrille sending referrals because they “get it” and we trust that anyone we refer will be in good hands. Thanks for making our lives at Ladybrille easy.

5. Morsi PR: We had a bit of a bumpy ride at the onset with the folks at Morsi PR. We wanted and refused to settle for anything less than well written press releases, better packaging of images (especially large files, they should be sent via zipped files) and a clearer concise message on events i.e. “Who, what, where, when, why?” Beyond the clear passion the firm displayed for its numerous talented clients, Morsi PR stepped it up and has delivered the quality and consistency we believe makes for a strong public relations firm. and the Ladybrille brand is committed to featuring only the best of the best; whether they be emergining or existing talents. We truly appreciate public relation firms like the ones above who are helping us do so; and changing the way public relations business is done especially in Nigeria’s fashion and entertainment industries.

Keep up the good work. salutes you!

~From Uduak Oduok /Editorial Director & The LadybrilleNigeria Team!

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