Nollywood: Watch 'Power of a Kiss' Starring Mercy Johnson, John Dumelo & Jim Iyke

Film Synopsis: In this story by Chinedu Nwani, with the screen play written by Amechi Ukeje, Sherry (Mercy Johnson) is an American Ivy league educated young Nigerian woman, determined to be successful in corporate Nigeria, on her own terms. She is also the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria. Sherry joins her father’s corporation as C.E.O but has to prove it is not all about nepotism, and she is deserving of the position. All seems well, except one of the shareholders, Ben (John Dumelo), is convinced she lacks the business experience to even hold such a position and becomes a stumbling block. In the meantime, Sherry has a friend (Jim Iyke) whose interest it appears, at first glance, is one motivated by love, only he secretly schemes to marry Sherry in hopes of gaining access to all of her father’s wealth.

What happens to Sherry? Is she able to prove that she has the intellect and experience to run her father’s empire in an old boy’s club? Does Ben back down? Is there more to Ben’s resistance than looking out for his shares in the company? What about Sherry’s friend (jim Iyke)? Does he succeed in marrying Sherry? Watch as the story unfolds.

Cast & Crew

“Olu Jacobs”
“Jim Iyke”
“Mercy Johnson”
“Patience Ozokwor”
“John Dumelo”

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Chinedu Nwani

Amechi Ukeje

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Power of a Kiss

Power of a Kiss 2

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  1. hmn..will like to watch it sha, cos Mercy’s a darn good actress, (nd yep, i like watching lovey lovey corney things, even as i roll my eyes), bt all in all, not spectacular. i may cahnge my mind wen i see d movie.

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