Molara Akinosho Revamps 'Just Weddings' Website

Popular Creative Director and owner of Just Weddings & Just Events, Lagos based #1 go to wedding and events company, Molara Akinosho, announced yesterday a revamped and new website

The site designed in line with the times incorporates social media for an interactive experience with users. The homepage offers an opportunity for users to access whether on dial up or high speed internet. The overall aesthetics are clean and easy on the eyes and navigation is easy and quick. Photos, links to the Molara’s Blog, JW Facebook group page, a calendar to access available booking dates and detailed service information makes the experience relatively painless, especially for brides looking for information and not knowing where to go.

“We have always taken customer care very seriously, talking and listening to our clients and taking their views on board.This influenced the new website design and content,” said Akinosho.

. . . there are a few hiccups, at least for us. The blog could use a little update. It was last updated in May 2009. The song on the site is a bit loud, especially if viewing the site in the morning. If you look hard on the top far right hand corner, you might notice the musical note which can help you turn it off. But, why should users go through all that, we think JW should substitute the current playlist for contemporary jazz or in the alternative artists like TuFace ‘African Queen,’ Shania Twain “From this Moment,”  Bryan Adams ‘Everything I do,” Sunny Neji “Oruka” and so many other great songs fitting for a predominantly wedding website.

JW , the company, was launched in 2001. Since then its popularity and success continues to soar. This past 2009, JW was the winner of the WEAN Nigerian Event Coordinator Award; an award voted for by the public.

Visit to see revamped site.

~LadybrilleNigeria Staff

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  1. Its a nice link…..

  2. busola says:

    She is pretty for a big girl?Really?What does that even mean?

  3. Hi Ladybrille Nigeria,

    Let me say a big!Thank you to you for featuring our updated website, we really appreciate it as a lot of our brides point to your blog for the 411 on Nigeria!

    We’ve taken all your observations on board and based on this, have actually thrown it open to members of the JustWeddings/JWEvents page on Facebook. We are asking them to suggest a current Naija track for our homepage-it will be great to hear the diverse preferences!

    Finally, you will certainly appreciate that maintaining a blog is crazy,hard work!!Thanks for the push though and your commentary may just see me dusting up the blog and writing about the heady buzz of watching a newly married couple walk into the reception venue to a current Nigerian song!

    Thank you again, it is an honour to feature on your blog.


  4. Tochi says:

    She’s pretty for a big girl 😉 At least planners are updating their websites, its so hard to get real time information somwtimes when planning a wedding in Nigeria. Won’t open the site till i get home since you say its LOUD!whats that black guy’s name,he’s a famous planner!!

    Ladybrille, i love your blog and your brand.

    1. @Tochi- Thank you!

      ~ LadybrilleNigeria

  5. Molara Akinosho Revamps 'Just Weddings' Website | Ladybrille®Nigeria: Popular Creative Director and owner of Just …

  6. Molara Akinosho Revamps ‘Just Weddings’ Website

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