Modeling: Print Work- Catalogs and Editorials

It is typical for many model hopefuls to dream of strutting down the runway to huge applauses and fan fare. Following closely is the dream to be in every magazine possible, worldwide. If you are one of those hopefuls, you probably should begin to understand certain aspects of the modeling industry starting with Print Work!

Print work means you model for magazines, newspapers, catalogs and books. For novices who might not know, it is called “print” because it is in print i.e. paper.  The most common types of print work are magazines and catalogs.

When you model for a magazine, you appear usually in a “spread” i.e. an “editorial.” A spread is essentially a story told through photos that the photographer shot of you. It is displayed across two pages of the magazine it will appear in. The spread is a way for a magazine to tell its readers/followers and industry experts, depending on its reach, who or what is hot. The magazine can choose to do a spread/editorial that is focused on the latest clothes or beauty trends.

Either way, a spread in a magazine is usually very artistic and the magazine typically has control over the overall aesthetics and what it is looking to achieve. Within Nigeria, True Love West Africa and Genevieve provide these kinds of fashion editorials/spreads in their magazine pages. Outside Nigeria, there are numerous magazines who also have editorials including, of course, Ladybrille Magazine.

Advantages of Editorial Work
1. Increased demand for your services as a model
2. Travel near and yonder to model in exotic places
3. Your face and name becomes known
4. You build a strong Portfolio

1. Editorial work does not pay much at all
2. Magazines feel that they are doing you a big favor by featuring you in their spreads. The market and competition is fierce. Of all the wannbe models out there, they are saying you are the ideal beauty, the “hotness.” They open the door for you to get really good model jobs. The icing on the cake is if you also make the cover of that magazine.

Nigeria’s fashion industry is not quite there when it comes to catalog modeling. However, in the USA, Europe and Asia, catalog modeling is alive and is where the big money is made. Companies that use catalog models often inlcude: J.Crew, Macys, Nordstrom and Spiegel.

The point of catalog is for you the model and also the company to sell clothes. So, shots are a lot less artistic and are aimed to serve the purpose of selling clothes.

1. Steady source of income- if they like you and you connect with their customers, they use you over and over again.
2. Pays well
3. Reach a wider audience (a magazine can be limited in terms of audience. With catalogs, your image can reach a much wider audience).

Not very creative

To see a sample of a spread/editorial, visit Ladybrille Magazine April 2010 Issue here.

The model Zaya used in this article is who we used for that issue. She was shot by Photographer Stephanie Matthews.

~Article by Uduak Oduok

Ladybrille Magazine

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  4. I am interested in print work . I`ve always been told i have a face for modeling but i`m only 5’7 . My number is 310.254.4284 .. You can see some of my pictures on my facebook in the link above . Thanks!


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