Video: Watch Michelle Obama talk about “standing in her truth” in her farewell interview with Oprah

In an hour-long television broadcast interview which premiered in December 2016 on CBS, Michelle Obama, The First Lady of United States, gave her farewell interview to Oprah Winfrey.

Sitting with the media mogul to discuss her journey and experiences in the white house she explained what allowed her to stand in her own truth and find your way.

“Being a grown-up. Let us not forget: I didn’t just wake up first lady. I mean, I went to law school, I practiced law, I worked for the city, I ran a nonprofit (and) I was an executive at a hospital. I’ve been in the world. I’ve worked in every sector, and you don’t do that without coming up against some stuff. You know, having your feelings hurt, having people say things about you that aren’t true. … Life hits you, so over the course of living, you learn how to protect yourself in it. You learn to take in what you need and get rid of the stuff that’s clearly not true.”

Watch the full interview on CBS.com.

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