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Maki-Oh ‘Everything in Proportion’ Fall/Winter 2010 Collection is loving the Maki-Oh debut collection for Fall/Winter 2010 by Amake Osakwe. Osakwe as demonstrated by debut collection is one to watch. The emerging designer collaborated with celebrated award-winning Nigerian artist, Nike Okundaye for Fall/Winter 2010 to produce an ‘Everything in Proportion’ themed collection.

‘Everything in Porportion’ by Maki-Oh/Amaka Osagwe

“‘Everything in proportion’ is the experience of a ‘coming of age’ through contemporary African fashion. The collection symbolizes self-discovery through a gradual systematic cloaking and adornment in the ornamental sensuality of womanhood, as seen in the rites of passage around the continent. In particular, the progressive rituals of the dipo ceremony of rural Ghana inspired the transitional silhouettes of this 12-piece capsule collection.

Each piece in this debut collection from Maki Oh invites the wearer to deepen her sense of understanding, belonging and identity. The collection abounds with ancient adire motifs from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria, showcasing proverbs that have been handed down unchanged for generations. These seemingly ubiquitous motifs, which once upon a time would have resonated with every Yoruba man and woman, render ‘Everything in Proportion’ a veritable mélange of secret conversations. The collection applies body conscious shapes reminiscent of the partial nudity of the initiates throughout the dipo ceremony, with a gradual increase in dynamic and voluminous adornment typified by draped shorts and skirts progressing into body skimming trousers.

Fabric choices intimately explore African artisanal couture heritage, incorporating lustrous silks juxtaposed with raw organic fibres. The range consists of a combination of nudes, fused with earthy tones, the unmistakable indigo of adire; and its varying hues, and splashes of carnelian.

Rich features like hand-woven silk aso-oke dating back a hundred years, silk crepelines and silk jersey mixes are used in conjunction with hand-cut and stitched calabash pieces, a silk cotton hand-painted with the Yoruba starch paste ‘eko’, and a rare adire motif named ‘sun-bebe’, which was expertly painted by hand onto silk chiffon by the Queen of Ogidi village especially for the collection.

‘Everything in Proportion’ subtly embraces traditional African aesthetics and construction techniques in an intimate and deeply personal body of work. The product of a close collaboration with the celebrated award-winning Nigerian artist, Nike Okundaye, ‘Everything in Proportion’ is an assembly of showpieces and cosmopolitan interpretations that
crystalize the coming of age of Maki Oh.”

Très bien Ms. Osakwe. and Magazine will be watching you closely.

~Courtesy photos by Maki-Oh/Amaka Osagwe

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