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London Fashion Week, It’s a Color Affair for Duro Olowu

London Fashion Week is in full swing and as usual Designer Duro Olowu stays rooted in his love for colors and very electic African influenced prints, among others. Check out the haute and not so haute looks from his Fall 2008 collection. By the way, be sure to mark your calendars as Africa’s Fashion Weeks and award events kick off i.e. Sanlam SA Fashion Week, Audi Joburg Fashion Week!

Destiny’s Child is long gone. Nevertheless, “we’ll be saying no, no, no ,no no!” to the two looks below Mr. Duro Olowu. If you are still feeling the two looks, please do some deconstruction when you decide to wear them. For example, maybe the jacket with solid top and bottoms or dress. Do not wear any of the pieces together! You will be arrested for crimes against fashion. I don’t care how fashionable your boo thought it was or that he bought it for you for Valentine’s.
Here are the looks we LUVED!
~Photocredits: Marcio Madeira

Ladybrille Magazine

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  1. !!Estella!! says:

    vudExactly what i love about ladybrille. She tells it as is!!And that is the honesty we also need and should encourage in this industry! Sure, everyone thinks they got all the talent, but there are times when we also need someone from the outside to tell us some truths that close friends and colleagues may not want to say or may say it in a harsh way……either way, everyone should be able to take good constructive positive critism!I am kinda tired of yea syers….that is, write ups and people who would ALWAYS tell oen that one's designs are AMAZING! And go say a different thing behind! Like my mum would say, say the truth and shame the devil! Some say all the positive things thinking they are 'encouraging' you, but you maybe reinforcing a bad thing, right?For the designs above, even as a designer, I will honestly say I agree with ladybrille…. I love the long long too…Heck! I dont expect everyone to love my designs all the time anyway, but I sure like to hear people's comments,, +ve or -ve!!Keep up the good work lady!I sure miss your blog, its been long I came here, I have been in Africa, and u know how it is here …lol…PS: OK, I am not saying people should be tearing and negatively criticizing my designs from now! SAY THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL!! LOL…

  2. THE HO-- USE OF STYLE says:

    Great post.There is definately a lot going on color and print wise with this collection.I love how vibrant it all is. My fave is the purple maxi dress. Keep up the fab posts.xMarian.

  3. shopliquorice says:

    *giggles*please check out my post on his show when you have a minute.


    Just read a post you left at Bella's blog and I loved the positivity it exuded. I've never been to your blog before, but definitely hope to be back.Take care.

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