#Light Up Nigeria for Nigeria's Fashion Industry!

#Light Up Nigeria is a campaign saying “Enough is Enough.” Nigeria one of the largest oil producing country’s in the world can no longer continue to sit in darkness. It can no longer be an embarassment to itself and the citizens it purports to serve. Nigeria’s generation X and Y are demanding the country’s government officials, private citizens and lovers of Nigeria, LIGHT UP NIGERIA!

For Nigeria’s fashion industry, the need to light up Nigeria is an urgent one. Join the campaign and help light up Nigeria!

#Light Up Nigeria for Fashion
#Light up Nigeria so Nigeria’s 25 textile mills can once again increase to 25 textile mills and more
#Light up Nigeria so these textile mills can function at their full capacity
#Light up Nigeria so over 180,000 retrenched garment workers can gain employment again
#Light up Nigeria so agricutural textile raw material suppliers can begin supplying again
#Light up Nigeria so fashion designers do not rely heavily on imported fabrics to clothe the people of Nigeria
#Light up Nigeria so Nigerians are not left with only second hand and counterfeit Chinese goods to wear
#Light up Nigeria so Nigerian designed fabrics like Aso Oke, Ankara and Adire continues
#Light up Nigeria so fashion businesses can flourish
#Light up Nigeria so fashion businesses can hire more women who can then afford to take care of their families
#Light up Nigeria because you have a responsiblity to do so for yourself and the next generation
~by Uduak Oduok

Ladybrille Magazine

Founded in 2007, Ladybrille® Magazine is a California based pioneer digital publication demystifying the image of Africans in the west through contemporary African fashion and celebrating the brilliant woman in business and leadership, with an emphasis on the African woman in the diaspora. Our coverage includes stories on capital, access to markets, expertise, hiring and retention, sales, marketing, and promotions.

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