LBN News Digest: South Africa vs Nigeria: It'll be Fire for Fire – FG, Nigeria Lashes Out at SA 'Xenophobia'

South Africa vs Nigeria: It’ll be fire for fire – FG
Nigerian Tribune
Also, they (South Africa) should not take the friendly business environment we have in Nigeria whereby companies are making more profits from Nigeria than in South Africa for granted. “I believe as we go on, these are the issues we’ll bring to the

Nigeria lashes out at SA ‘xenophobia’
Ashiru pledged an “appropriate reaction” to any further such moves to refuse entry to Nigerians and sent a signal to South African companies. “They should not take the friendly business environment we have in Nigeria, whereby companies including South

Angry Nigeria deports 56 more South Africans
The Nation Newspaper
He said: “No nation should take our brotherliness, maturity and friendly business environment whereby companies, including South African countries, are making more profits from Nigeria than in South Africa for granted.” The Minister said the government

Mobile interaction will dictate business in Nigeria – Insight director
Although digital marketing, especially mobile platform is growing at a slow speed in Nigeria, but Lorenz Mbah, strategy director at Insight Communications, strongly believes that “mobile interaction is a governing factor of business in Nigeria,

DStv expands business scope in Nigeria
In Nigeria, we have opened an office with a team of six people and we are working to expand that. The aim is to bring our business closer to our clients and prospective advertisers on the DStv platform.” Hitchings added that the exhibition was held to

Supreme Court Expands Corporate Human Rights Case, Avoids Corporate Liability
Huffington Post
The Supreme Court on Monday afternoon took the unusual action of ordering reargument in the case heard last week that has been brought against a multinational oil corporation for aiding and abetting human rights violations in Nigeria.

Lawyer: Suspect in Nigeria bombing dies in prison
MSN Money
Foreign oil companies have pumped oil out of the delta for more than 50 years. Despite the billions of dollars flowing into Nigeria’s government, many in the delta remain desperately poor, living in polluted waters without access to proper medical care

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