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Colorful ready to wear silhouettes greet you when you take a peek at Nneka Mokwe’s Ifenkili Autumn Collection. Read about the designer and the label, visit Ifenkili online store for more options and shop, shop, shop!

“I’ve always had a burning passion to be creative and started producing my self styled, fashion commentary magazine called ‘SPECS’ when I was 9!! Through ‘SPECS’ I had my eye on all trends, waves and rages and from there things really spun out. As an American born Nigerian now living in England, I strive to keep in touch with my roots whilst never out stepping the rhythm of the streets and display my work frequently in shows and festivals to make sure I stay fresh.

The basis of ifenkili is handcraft which I believe is an African tradition that must be upheld even as styles move forward. The traditional light and colourful Ankara material I use tells a story in every pattern. I enjoy bringing out that drama using simple lines, elegant silhouettes and complimentary textures.

My craft comes from the heart and my heart is my family so without them I could not produce such beautiful work. I never stop trying new things, this is instinctive but also a great way to keep your finger on the pulse and even learn by mistakes that turn into something inspiring and creative. is a new adventure for me and one that I hope will grow and expand. I hope you enjoy my creations and come back for more! All feed back is truly welcome and appreciated.”

~Courtesy photo

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