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Ladybrille Woman of the Week: Nkemdilim Begho Director & Founder of Futuresoft Nigeria

The ‘Ladybrille Woman of the Week’ is a feature on Ladybrille that celebrates women who empower themselves and others, through their contributions and actions, in their local and international communities. These women are intelligent, courageous, confident, and innovative. They strive for balance in their personal lives (whether emotionally, mentally, and spiritually), are persistent, and when they fall, they get right back up. These women honor and stand in their truths. They are business and community leaders, visionaries, and game changers. They are our sisters, aunties, mothers, friends and so much more. They are “Ladybrille” (brilliant) women.

If you are a woman or know of a woman who should be celebrated as a ‘Ladybrille Woman of the Week,’ please feel free to email ([email protected]).

This week, we celebrate Nkemdilim (Nkem) Begho the Director & Founder of Futuresoft Nigeria.

LADYBRILLE: What do you do professionally and what have some of your accomplishments been to date?

NB: I run an IT firm called Futuresoft, focused on delivering quality online solutions to the Nigerian market. I have been able to work on some great projects both in the private and the public sector in NIgeria. I have spoken at various conferences and events including TEDx Lagos.

LADYBRILLE: What drives you to make a difference the way you currently are?
The constant need for change in a developing country like Nigeria coupled with the exposure schooling and working abroad brings and a deep desire for a better world for my unborn children drives me to make a difference.

LADYBRILLE: What is the positive talk you have with yourself on days you find thoughts and feelings of self-doubt trying to creep in?
I usually don’t talk to myself. I usually talk to people who I know will be 100% honest with me, they are very few, but I am lucky to have some great friends and family members who are honest and always tell me the truth and usually help me see the situation I am in from a more objective point of view. I often don’t realize the different things I have achieved and that they are often out of the ordinary, as they are normal to me, but my strong backbone of friends and family help remind me of what I have achieved.

LADYBRILLE: As a successful woman executive and entrepreneur, do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength? Why?
I have always been a cry baby 🙂 I cry when I am happy, I cry when I am sad, I cry when I am angry. I don’t think it is necessarily a sign of weakness. It is natural and it usually makes you feel better.

LADYBRILLE: How do you stay so disciplined and focused, especially in this day and age where there are so many distractions, to accomplish all that you have?
A lot of my friends tell me I am a drill sergeant or a slave driver. I always laugh as I am usually hardest on myself. I’ve always been disciplined and when I say I will do it I do it, not buts, ifs or maybes. It’s innate.

LADYBRILLE: What makes you smile?
Nature, Love, Friendship, Kindness, Happy Old People, Happy Kids, Babies, Dogs especially mine, Pink things, good food, cake, a good workout.

LADYBRILLE: Health is so important but often many brilliant women simply neglect self because they are always so busy serving others. How are you taking care of your health?
I work out 5 days a week, eat healthy

LADYBRILLE: What is it you hope, when you look back on your life, you never regret not doing or being?
LIVING and not just existing, eating amazing food, having children, traveling, loving unconditionally, laughing uncontrollably, standing up for what I believe at all times, giving and being kind.

LADYBRILLE: How do you define yourself, the Ladybrille (brilliant) woman?
BBC – Brains, Beauty, Character.

LADYBRILLE: As a woman, what is the one most inspiring/empowering piece of advice you can give to our community of brilliant women as they navigate their personal and professional lives daily?
You have two balls in your hand – work and life. Work is a rubber ball, if you drop it, it always bounces back. Life is a glass ball, if you drop it it shatters in a million pieces and will take you ages to put back together. So re-defind your priorities daily.

Ladybrille Woman

A running feature for 12 years on Ladybrille.com, The ‘Ladybrille Woman of the Month’ celebrates women in business and leadership, who empower themselves and others through their contributions and actions in their local and international communities. In 2014, the feature expanded to include a podcast show. If you would like to nominate a woman to be celebrated, please email [email protected]

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