Ladybrille Music: Power Focused Beyonce Wants to ‘Run the World (Girls)!’

At first a buzz, but now a big bang; the still crowned Queen of Rnb/Pop, Beyonce, has finally ejected the enormously anticipated come-back single, “Run the World (Girls)!” It’s probably an understatement to advise that almost all Beyonce fans have anticipated this in the same way that we have all awaited the rise of the warm sun in the appropriate summer months. However, now that Beyonce glows again, we must remember that to receive is not to be satisfied, thus I question whether her new single straddles a very thin line between a smash hit and a lazy hit?

From clubs in London, all the way to Lagos and back again, I’ve witnessed club-hoppers of varied ages go insanely wild as the first beat drops for Major Lazer’s 2009 digital-inspired dancehall hit ‘Pon De Floor, which also slides into the UK-infatuated Funky House music genre and still enthusiastically moves bodies today. After realizing that this same base has been topped with Queen B’s strong and musically-delicious voice, I don’t think we’ll be able to keep our heads!

Beyonce has been responsibly briefing us on the importance of female empowerment since Destiny’s Child’s chart-topping, Independent Woman (2000) days, through to the solo efforts of ‘Diva’ (2009). It’s unsurprising then, that this track adds another chapter to this lesson book which is nicely enclosed with some alter-ego ‘Sasha Fierce’ attitude. Sasha’s charming, yet demanding voice is first to greet us, followed by the all-chanting diva who celebrates ‘all the women getting’ it in.’ Thankfully, the smooth, sultry bridge: ‘my persuasion can build a nation’ chops it up with some beautiful variety.

Straight after Hip Hop producer Swizz Beat’s use of Pon De Floor in U.S RnB group; Diddy Dirty Money’s ‘Ass On The Floor,’ (2011) it must be said that comparably, this re-interpretation is somewhat less inventive. Swizz layered the track with new production, managing to change the number to a completely new song.

Queen B takes fire and indeed makes more fire, therefore proving that this girl has what it takes to run the music world and then come back again. A formula of enchanting ‘girl-power’ lyrics plus body-shaking sounds, equals an unrelenting favorite for young girls, young women and club-goers- even teaching our women that they are ‘strong enough to bare the children and then get back to business!’ An effortless hit or not, it’s definitely going to be a massive one!

Your thoughts?

Maria Okanrende is primarily a music contributor for Ladybrille.

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