Ladybrille Music: ‘Music is My Life’ by #J-Lim #Lim Jeong Hee (Lyrics & VIDEO) introduced you to K-Pop (Korean Pop) Star J-Lim July of this year. Watch the superstar show off her amazing vocals in ‘Music is My Life.’

J-Lim Performs Fly Me to the Moon & Music is My Life (Begins 3:21)

Music is My Life Lyrics (excerpts)
“Verse 1
Remember way back when, couldn’t even get a chance
This music inside of me has been my best friend
Now I see all of my dreams are coming true
Coming true, yeah
Struggling everyday
Couldn’t figure out why
Just couldn’t let go
Spread my wings and fly
Now I know deep in my soul
I know it’s my time
It’s my time

Music is my life x3
Sunshine, my life

Verse 2
Watching the time just go
People that I know passing me by
Going through their trust . . .
Waiting for the fame
They can scream my name
Now my time is here and I ain’t going nowhere

Repeat Chorus”

Copyright J-Li/JYP Entertainment

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