Ladybrille Exclusive: Terrakota Launches ‘World Massala’ World Fusion Myspace Page!

Terrakota announces their new MySpace page complete with great songs from their latest album ‘World Massala.’ The page also has tour dates and distribution.

“If one says Lisbon, one thinks fado. Well, think again because here comes Terrakota, the leaders of the worldfusion scène that is developing in Lisbon. Terrakota and tens of young bands form the up-and-coming ‘musica mestiça’ scène are coming along with the rising cultural diversity influenced by immigrant populations, and musicians, from the ancient Portuguese colonies Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique. Lisbon is changing. The ‘cidade do fado’ is being more and more open and multicultural, and no one better represents that cultural diversity than Terrakota.

Terrakota was born in 1999 after a three month journey in West Africa that brought Junior, Alex and Humberto to a small neighbourhood of griot musicians and dancers in the town of Bobodioulasso, Burkina Faso. Everything was there: the vibrant colour of terracotta, the houses, the roads, the earth… Back in Lisbon, they recorded a demo and added three musicians: Davide, a drummer, Francesco, an Italian bass player, and Romi, an Angolan singer and dancer with tremendous potential.

Right away the band made a big impact on the musical scene in Lisbon. They managed to organize and produce their own concerts in the culturally small-minded Portuguese capital. The obstacles to face where numerous, but the band’s live power and energy captivated the public’s attention, winning the respect of the public. A new musical seed had been planted, in fertile African ground, bathed in Jamaican, Arab, Brazilian and Indian sunlight.”

Read and listen to the great music of Terrakota on MySpace.

Official release dates

Benelux: LC Music 18/10

Digital platforms: Altafonte 25/10

Spain: Altafonte 26/10

Portugal: Karonte 1/11

Germany: Galileo 19/11

UK: Discovery 22/11

France: Mosaic 3/12

Meet us at WOMEX

Management/international booking/press

Benjamin Tollet, [email protected], +351 969 550 916

Press Spain

Javier del Castillo, Ojo Música, [email protected], +34 666 965 123


France: Grégoire Bouquet, Dérapage Production, [email protected], +33 685 398 672

UK/Maghreb/Middle-East/Gulf: Carol Wafta, Panther Music Agency, [email protected], +44 7989 604 994

Portugal: Fernando Cabral, Sounds Good, [email protected], +351 912 153 057

Spain: Cindy Castillo, GIG N TIK, [email protected], +34 678 698 638

Benelux & rest of the world: Benjamin Tollet, [email protected], +351 969 550 916

Tour dates

30/10 Hard Club, Porto, Portugal

12/11 Centro Cultural de Alcobaça, Portugal

18/11 Bloco de Espquerda, Lisbon, Portugal

19/11 Kyttaro Live, Athens, Greece

20/11 Block 33, Thessaloniki, Greece

23/11 Momo’s, London, UK

24/11 Backline Live, Guildford, UK

26/11 Fiddler’s Club, Bristol, UK

27/11 Adelphi Club, Hull, UK

30/11 Komedia, Brighton, UK

1/12 Rumba Club, London, UK

3/12 Festival Lisboa Mistura, Lisbon, Portugal

More dates to be confirmed soon!

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