Joke Silva, Kate Henshaw-Nuttall Act in 'Little Drops,' A Stage Play

Today’s Woman together with Lufodo Productions, with Kind Support from the able Rivers State Government of Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, are proud to present Prof. Ahmed Yerima’s ‘Little Drops’ Opens in PHC 25th Nov, Lagos 27th November, 2010.

Time: Thursday, November 25 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: The Atlantic Hall, Hotel Presidential. Port Harcourt
Created By: LUFODO PRODUCTIONS, Telema Tonye Batubo

In the Niger Delta, little drops often transform, in an instant, into torrents, drowning the indigenes – women and chil…dren especially – in rivers of blood and misery, turning their heritage into monuments of rubble.

The drama “Little Drops…” is a look at the Niger Delta from the perspective of women – the neglected innocent victims of the war of contradictions in the region. They bear the burdens and live with the collateral damages of the war caused and fought by men. Yet they are neither considered nor consulted in the scheme of things in the region. But could they be the missing link in the jigsaw puzzle that the Niger delta crisis has become?Little Drops is a play about the unrest in the Niger Delta with a focus on the anguish of women and children. The play is written by Prof. Ahmed Yerima. TW Magazine and Lufodo Productions are the Executive Producers of this production and the producer is Lufodo Productions (owned by Joke Silva). TW has been the driving force for making this production come to life because they are a womens’ magazine focused on the issues that pertain to women and children. The whole production is sponsored by the Rivers State Government.

So in brief, this is a production about women, championed by women and produced by women and it is important that the documentary sheds heavy light on the powerful role of women in this production, from cast to crew, producer and executive producer. This will be juxtaposed against the role of women in the Niger Delta unrest

Much like the civil war, the Niger Delta unrest is a very distant and alien situation to the rest of Nigeria. After reading Half of a Yellow Sun I spoke to so many people about what it was like in the South when all that death and warfare was going on in the civil war and they were completely unaware of the gravity of the situation. It is not until recently when kidnapping began to trickle into Lagos and the South West have people now begun to be more thoughtful of what is happening in the Niger Delta.

About Lufodo Production Company
Lufodo Productions is a production company interested in developing and producing a myriad of stories that will entertain, move and embrace mainstream audiences. The messages of the productions we produce are positive, encouraging and with spiritual undertones.We believe the time has come in the present day entertainment industry to reach audiences in the positive ways the storyteller of the past did. We seek to amend, influence, and change the entertainment industry into a medium, which entertains audiences while reaching their heart chords and making them, think and feel deeply about the society in which we live.

Memekize —— Tosan Edremoda Ugbeye
Mukume —— Kate Henshaw-Nuttall
Mukume (double cast) Kemi ‘lala’ Akindoju
Bonuwo —— Joke Silva
Bonuwo (double cast) Omoye Uzamere
Azue —— Tosin Kehinde
Ovievie —— Yibo Koko
Ovievie (double cast) Orji Ibe
Kuru —— Ropo Ewenla

Producer —— Joke Silva
Director —— Niji Akanni
Stage Manager —— Oluseyi Emmanuel
Technical Director Alhaji Tejumola Kareem
Set Designer —— Amina Sanusi
Costume / Props —– Telema Tonye Batubo
Choreographer —— Zara Udofia
Musician —— Tarri Tebepah
Production Manager — Charity Sokunle
Assistant S.M —— Ayo Ajike

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