Interview with Jessica O. Mathews, Founder & CEO of Uncharted Play, On Owning Who You are

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The energy that Jessica O. Matthews generates with her renewable energy company, Uncharted Play, and her magnetic personality is electrifying. The female innovator who Oprah named to the Supersoul 100, and who has been called the Elon Musk of kinetic energy, digs deep into what it means to truly own who you are in this episode of Impact Theory with host Tom Bilyeu.

  • Jessica shares her belief in magic, science, and hard work. [2:57]
  • Tom and Jessica talk about finding wonder in the unknown. [6:18]
  • Jessica shares her passion for building wealth for a community. [9:22]
  • Jessica digs deep into the importance of being who you are. [13:02]
  • Jessica dives into what it means to build a meaningful business. [17:10]
  • Jessica refers to life as a constant research experiment. [20:00]
  • Tom and Jessica discuss pushing yourself and never feeling satisfied. [24:18]
  • Jessica describes drawing on the experiences of others to develop your personal narrative. [29:15]
  • Jessica explains how she helps people to build creative confidence. [33:38]
  • Jessica expounds on how she balances change with a sense of stability. [38:44]
  • Tom and Jessica discuss boxing as an analogy for building a sustainable business. [42:07]
  • Jessica defines the impact she wants to have on the world. [45:32]

Photo Credit: Jessica O. Mathews FB Page

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