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How Much It Costs to Show at New York Fashion Week

How much does it cost a designer to show at New York Fashion Week? The short answer: It depends.

With the exception of select fashion insiders — those directly involved in negotiating each component that goes into a fashion show (and maybe some of the people who compile their invoices and expense reports) — few people actually know how much it costs to show at New York Fashion Week. While Lincoln Center recently disclosed the costs of its various show spaces, there are a slew of other expenses that factor into a designer’s final tally: There are models, PR, production, styling, hair and makeup, at a minimum. And most of those costs vary based on several factors.

We spoke with a few of our industry friends to get the real scoop on how much showing at fashion week can cost. Here’s the rundown.

Venues, on average, can range from $15,000 to $60,000. The latter is what it costs to show at the Theater at Lincoln Center (its largest venue). Lincoln Center’s other venues range in price from $15,000 for The Hub, to $47,500 for The Stage. Off-site venues can in some cases cost less, say, if it’s a small off-the-beaten path gallery space. Or it can be more if, for example, it’s a custom space at Spring Studios, which Ralph Lauren spends two to three weeks constructing every season.

Most designers place a lot more importance (and cash) on stylists than you might think. Of course, this varies — some designers may style a show themselves, or have someone in-house do it. Others may use stylists they have on retainer throughout the year. But, a top-tier stylist can earn as much as $8,000 per day to style a show — which can potentially be a 10 to 14-day job. Of course, not all stylists command those types of fees. A designer could secure someone less in-demand for around $10,000 total. has the full story.

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