Genevieve Nnaji On Oprah’s, “The Most Famous People in the World” Show!

GenevieveOprah Winfrey was on a mission to educate her audience on the BIG stars beyond Hollywood. Today, she aired a show on “The Most Famous People in the World.” Bollywood’s Abishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai-Bachan were dubbed the most famous couple in the world with over five billion fans.

Argentina’s Polo Nacho Figueras made the “One of the Most Handsome Men in the World” list while Chen Yu Le aka “Chinese Oprah” with over 140million viewers per day also made an appearance. We would have loved for Oprah to give Africa’s BIG stars a bit more time with an actual sit down feature on the show. It didn’t happen. She did, however, give a nod to Africa/Nigeria’s Nollywood Actress Genevieve Nnaji, Africa’s most famous film star in the world. Congratulations to Genevieve for the mention on Oprah!

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Oprah Winfrey était en mission de sensibiliser son public sur les grandes stars d’Hollywood au-delà. Aujourd’hui, elle a diffusé une émission sur “Les personnes les plus célèbres dans le monde.” Bollywood Abishek Bachan et Aishwarya Rai-Bachan furent surnommés le couple le plus célèbre au monde avec plus de cinq milliards de fans.

Argentine Polo Nacho Figueras a fait la “Une des plus beaux hommes dans la” liste du monde tandis que Chen Yu Le aka “Chinese Oprah” avec plus de téléspectateurs par jour 140million également fait une apparition. Nous aurions aimé pour Oprah donner Africa’s Big étoiles un peu plus de temps avec une réelle fonctionnalité de s’asseoir sur le spectacle. Il ne s’est pas produit. Elle ne donne cependant un clin d’œil à l’Afrique / Nigeria ‘s Nollywood actrice Geneviève Nnaji, l’Afrique étoile la plus célèbre film dans le monde. Félicitations à Geneviève pour la mention sur Oprah!

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  1. nzedjeu dewilline says:

    i like her because she is purely africa she doesn’t do as other peolpe does.
    i want to meat you a day beacause i like to you in a film but i saw one of your film who was very educated ” blood sister” it makes me to cry at any time i watch the film because it is too painful for me to see how a sister can kill her own sister who is doing ever thing for her as in the film.look at the end of the film who lost the junoir sister even though she kill her sister to stay with the husband.this show that you should be afraid even with your own sister or brother because for her she could not imagine that her own sister can kill her as she does.i like the way your film can educate people who watches africa magic.
    thank you and keep on may God blesse you

  2. Laleti says:

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  3. Laleti says:

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  4. Laleti says:

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  5. @ TUTU, apparently you are mentally retarded to come on a place like this, after such good news and talk that kinda nonsense. Shoulda left the name of your country. Bet its one of miserable war-ridden, hunger-striken country we send aids relief to. Stupid,condemned-to-hell,misbegotten S-O-B!!!!!!!!

  6. I beg geneveive go sit down wich oprah?nigeria tooo dirty for oprah to visit to start wit.she can not understand ur stupid accent go sit dwn

  7. AfricaInMyMarrows says:

    What else to say than that im so proudly proud to be a typical African.

    Keep up, the time is here where there's gonna be no other star shining,than Africa's.

    Genevieve Nnaji is the most pretty girl on the planet earth Oprah probably forgot to mention that.

  8. This Lady is definately is in a league of her own in NOLLYWOOD – she doesnt even have to try hard to be recognised. She didnt call Oprah to ask her to feature her, she was minding her own business as she always does and this huge publicity happens. This is nothing but pure BLESSING from GOD. If Hollywood decides to do another African Movie like they did Blood Diamond and the other blockbuster, I know if they need a leading lady – no doubt in my mind they will give Genny a call. Now Genny what you need to make sure is that your MANAGEMENT is on point on the A game, from here on you need management and PR who are good at what they do. The sky is the limit from here on. Dont go hollywood, remain in Nollywood and demand whatever you deem fit. ON the continent of Africa you will always be our biggest actress. And we cherish you here

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