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Five Nigerian Men Gang Rape Female Student at Abia State Univeristy #Call to Action #NotoRape


Five Nigerian Men Gang Rape Female Student at Abia State Univeristy #Call to Action #NotoRape

“We have a culture of silence when it comes to rape. Since Linda Ikeji reported this, where are the celebrities both music, fashion and film who can leverage the power of their status and their large fan base, which includes women, to tweet or put up one liner facebook status messages saying “the rape of the Abia state female student is unacceptable and I demand the government must do something about it!?” Where is our Genevieve Nnaji, D’Banj, P-Square, Don Jazzy and all other hosts of top musicians, actors and comedians to take a stance?

Are Nigerian men cowards? Do we have cowards for boyfriends, husbands, fathers and brothers? Where are they? What do they have to say about this? What are they doing?

How many Nigerians do we have on Facebook? Where are they to set Facebook ablaze and speak and demand an criminal punishment against this?

Where are the political commentators that always have something to say and remind us of how bad Jonathan Goodluck’s administration is and how things need to be fixed. They seem too quiet for the atrocious human violation committed against our daughters, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and babies. . .” Full story on Africa Music


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  1. Never mind them Abia is the wrst state in the world. Lawless with no Govenment. God help us everything is debunked . Even the existence of GOD

  2. Olumide says:

    This is really worrisome; a dastardly act was committed and all we hear from those that should be majorly concerned are arguments of denial and even lackadaisic security response. Why must we act with laxity towards matters like this and allow perpetrators of such act live among human still? This is one of those things that should generate huge noise yet silence of effective action keep ensnaring us. The whole saga is becoming rather provoking. Less talk and more action is required from the security operatives; the citizens are not felt out.

  3. Rita Obi says:

    The authorities are more interested in debunking the incident than in trying to authenticate it and bring the perpetrators to book. Nigeria is a terrible country. I’ve lost hope in the system. Both the police commissioner in Imo and the one in Abia are denying that the incident occurred in their respective states. The same applies to Governor Theodore Orji and Wife. The Governor claims detractors want to spoil the name of his state. He also claims such atrocities do not take place in Abia State. Please!!! This is the joke of the century!!!! What about kidnappings and senseless killings? This is not a period for buck-passing but for drastic action so that a horrendous episode will not metamorphose into the order of the day. Violence against women must be radically fought against, especially cruelty of this magnitude and dimension.

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