ETHIOPIA “የልቤ ሚስጥር” “Ye’ Libe Mistr” Elsa Haile

Elsa Haile
“At the age of five, Elsa began producing music through singing and song memorization; music became a curious happiness and would always remain a critical verse in her life. Raised in Toronto, Canada Elsa was musically influenced by a variety of genre’s and styles which in return allowed her to integrate various rhythms and sounds, claiming a distinct musical style of her own. In 2001 Elsa independently put together a collection of songs with beats and vocals were all arranged by herself.

“Nubianna” was an album with no advanced technical mixing or instrumentation, instead it was a record produced as a means of gaining public recognition for something which to her came as second nature. She would never imagine the impact that this record would have on her musical career. The “Nubianna” record became the start of a musical journey she recognized as a personal success and as a success within her musical career. This album introduced her voice as well as songwriting abilities, music has now become a journey which she continues to travel and explore for the years to come. ”
~From Elsa Haile
~Visit Elsa’s official website here.

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