Election 2011: Get Involved and Play Your Part

Nigeria-flagThe lack of an efficient and effective democratic system of government has plagued Nigeria and meant that common problems facing the Nigerian general public remain unsolved after five decades of supposed independence.

The same way of thinking persists in high places making it impossible for change to happen. We cannot keep doing things in the same way we have been since independence and then expect to arrive at a different outcome. It is now more than necessary to change the recipe and the chief chef so that fellow Nigerian can start to enjoy some fresh and palatable meals.

We are of the view that a dirty house infested with pests will be best served by some form of disinfection process to sanitize the house for decent and healthy living. It is unheard of where pest choose to change or reform themselves. This is why pest control is very vital in dealing with the pest in our system of government and society at large. For too long various pests have festered but we say the end of their reign is in sight.

As Nigerians we reserve the inalienable right to decide how we are governed and who governs us. 2011 is a year to be fair, a year to be free, come the general election in April.

Our path to true democracy may not run smooth but we are confident that we will get closer to our destination if we exercise good judgment in choosing the next leaders of our beloved country. Leaders that will nurture and strengthen democratic growth so we can reap the dividends of true democracy. Leaders that will reform our system of government so that it becomes fit for purpose and not only able to solve the problems encountered by the majority of us but also adaptive enough to evolve with our changing needs. Our new leaders should be able to challenge convention and embrace a lateral way of thinking. Yes they say old habits die hard but we need checks and balances in place to prohibit the politics of undue influence as practised by a few amongst us.

The Nigerian electorate has had its voice silenced by a few but we urge all Nigerians to turn out as if they are escaping from burning house, because in reality , Nigerians are been tormented daily by the searing flames of corruption and resulting heat of poverty and injustice.

Now is the time to register to vote to be able to have your say in April’s general election. Nigerians in Diaspora will have their day at the polling stations in the not distant future but for now, spread the message and use your influence to persuaded relatives and friends back home to ensure that they register to vote and authenticate their registration.

Nigerian at home must get up and drag as many people along for registration.

It is very important as the future of our democracy depend on it.

~Nigerians in Diaspora for Democracy (NID4D)

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