“When We Deny Our Story & We Don’t Talk About Our Failure, We Are Not Whole” ~ Dr. Brené Brown

Research professor and best-selling author Dr.Brene Brown’s luncheon keynote speech had to be one of the top highlights at the just concluded Lead On Silicon Valley Conference for Women hosted by Watermark, a leading organization of executive women in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In a room full of five thousand women-and men, a the Santa Clara Convention Center, Dr. Brown shared the aftermath and impact on her personal life following her successful Tedx talk ‘The Power of Vulnerability.’ She concluded that the best way to live life was to own your story, “integrate” all of your identities and understand that the voices of your critics do not count. Enjoy my tweets from the event below:

Dr. famous for her TEDx Houston Talk (seen 17million times), ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ is up next.

The more influence you have and the farther you get along in your career, the scarier it is to be very authentic. ~

1. You sign up to live a brave life, you are going down. You go into the ring and you get your ass kicked.

 There is nothing comfortable about being brave.

2. Daring is showing up when you have no idea what the consequence will be.

3. If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I am not interested in hearing your opinion, period. ~

Check your list and you should be able to say “this person loves me in spite of my imperfections.”

All of us have stories of a hard fall. The question is what are you going to do with the story of your fall?

What you do is to integrate all these stories and OWN your story. ~  #LeadOnCA

How can you be whole when there are parts of yourself? is showing a picture where she brings back Brene as a girl.
Now she adds a picture of her mother, a mother of 4 and says, “I’m bringing her back.” “Integration” from a hard fall.
She is bringing back the hard , and also the girl with the “asymmetrical hair cut”who was a “bad ass.”
People ain’t stupid. No one puts value on your work when you will not put value on your own work. ~
“When we deny our story and when we don’t talk about our failure we are not whole. Worse we cannot mentor others.
People ain’t stupid. No one puts value on your work when you will not put value on your own work. ~

When you deny your story, it defines you. When you tell your story, you write the ending. !@BreneBrown

There is no greater threat (to cynics and critics) than a woman who is willing to fall because she has learnt how to stand back up. ~

As women, we fall together, we rise together. | Solid speech and inspiring. Thank you

Courtesy photo: Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for LeadOn:Watermark’s Silicon Valley Conference for Women.

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