Does Africa have a Fashion Industry?

Africa mapI chuckle atimes at the response and reaction I get when I speak of Africa’s Fashion Industry. “Really, Africa has a fashion indsutry?” Followed by wrinkled faces and raised eyebrows in disbelief. I get this from Africans in the West and Westerners. Since when did the West flip scripts with Africa to become the one in the dark? Yes. Africa has a fashion Industry. South Africa [SA] leads the way in terms of having a structured fashion week that has been ongoing for over a decade now. As of this year, instead of the once a year fashion week produced by SA Sanlam Fashion Week, SA now has two fashion weeks. One in the Spring and one in winter/autumn. Africa is of course a huge continent with over 50 countries so, SA is NOT the only fashion industry. Nigeria is also trying to get its industry together thanks to fashion influentials like Fashion Designer Deola Sagoe, Super model Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi and the upcoming Calabar Fashion Week in Cross River State, Eastern part of Nigeria. Also, Uganda, Kenya, Senegal, Cameroon have their fashion weeks on Africa’s fashion map. To get an even broader picture of Africa’s exploding fashion industry, visit Ladybrille’s blogazine links. Also, enjoy this You Tube Video. I guess they party it up like we do in the West at our fashion weeks.

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