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Podcast Woman of the Month

LBW 071: Meet Chika Uwazie, Career Queen and Ladybrille Woman of the Month!

 Chika Uwazie’s mission in life is simple. She wants to help women live their best lives, and does it through her years as a serial entrepreneur, recruiter, and operating a HR software company. A self-proclaimed “Career Queen”, Chika helps women position themselves for an amazing career on their terms. Her career and entrepreneurial advisory …

Podcast Woman of the Month

LBW070: Meet Lucilla Booyzen, Founder of South African Fashion Week and Ladybrille Woman of the Month!

Dubbed the Anna Wintour of South Africa’s fashion industry, Lucilla Booyzen is the founder and director of the prestigious South African Fashion Week (SAFW). In the early 1990s, Booyzen was an already established fashion producer who visited European Fashion Weeks, when she felt it was necessary that South Africa create its own fashion week to …