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LBW 028: Meet Bola Aduwo, Nollywood Screenwriter and Ladybrille Woman of the Month October 2015

Raised in the same household as her famed fashion designer cousin, Duro Olowu, after her father died in a car accident, Bola Aduwo is a screen writer, writer, publicist and trained broadcaster who worked as a producer in Nigeria’s foremost radio station Radio Nigeria (Kapital FM Abuja). Aduwo discovered her flair for writing after her former class mate Emem Isong (Nollywood’s leading producer), made her realize her gift of writing.

Aduwo would later team up with Isong to co-write many Nollywood hit screen plays such as ‘A Minute to Midnite'(1997), ‘Hit & Run'(1998) and ‘For Real.’ In 2005, Aduwo left her job with the Nigerian government in Abuja (the nation’s capital), moved to Lagos (the entertainment capital of the country) and decided to pursue her passion for writing. She has since co-written even more successful screenplays such as ‘Reloaded,’ ‘Guilty Pleasures,’  ‘Bursting Out,’ and ‘I’ll Take My Chances.’ In recent times, she wrote ‘Code of Silence,’ a film now screening in theaters across Nigeria and available online which deals with rape. Aduwo is also an avid blogger and a publicist. She is Ladybrille Magazine Woman of the Month for October 2015, and she joins host Ms. Uduak to discuss her career trajectory so far and the business of writing in Nollywood. Listen and share. 

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