Akon Foolishness at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards with Zain

You can take a man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of him, the saying goes. So, Wyclef dares Akon to do 20 pushups on stage during the MAMA Awards. They agree and part of the agreement is to strip to their boxers, I guess? Wyclef as you can clearly see strips down and so does Akon. But, of course Akon had to take it a step further into foolishness? Akon takes his mic and puts into his boxers. The rest is self explanatory. Pure foolishness!
Vous pouvez prendre un homme hors du ghetto, mais vous ne pouvez pas prendre le ghetto de lui, dit le proverbe. Donc, Wyclef ose Akon à faire 20 pompes sur scène lors du Prix MAMA. Ils sont d’accord et une partie de l’accord est de dépouiller de leurs boxeurs, je suppose? Wyclef comme vous pouvez le voir clairement bandes vers le bas et il en va de Akon. Mais, bien sûr Akon a dû prendre un peu plus loin dans la folie? Akon prend son micro et met dans ses boxeurs. Le reste est auto explicatif. Pure folie!
Usted puede tomar un hombre salir del gueto, pero no se puede tomar el gueto de él, dice el refrán. Así, Wyclef Akon se atreve a hacer 20 flexiones en el escenario durante los Premios MAMA. Están de acuerdo y la parte del acuerdo es despojar a sus boxeadores, supongo? Wyclef como se puede ver claramente las tiras abajo y lo mismo ocurre con Akon. Pero, por supuesto Akon tenía que dar un paso más en la necedad? Akon toma su micrófono y pone en sus calzoncillos. El resto se explica por sí mismo. Pura locura!
Akon 2
Photocredit: Michelly Rall/Getty Images Europe

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  1. mariyam says:

    OMG hahahah omg i love akon…but wtf is this…lmao.ahhahahahah =D this is halarious.

  2. Mrs. Manczuk says:

    If they didn't say that a picture is worth a thousand words, I wouldn't have actually believed this crassness had been made possible by Akon and Wyclef…and let me say how shocked I am that Wyclef was involved in this antics in anyway shape or form! When they going to grow up? And these are two men with children…daughters at home? There is a time and place for everything, this particularly juvenile exhibition on the world stage by these talent duo of great African stock was highly inappropriate and something for the young to NOT emulate!

  3. Kimbi says:

    We are in Africa, and hmmm!! these artists who look african but with no clue as an african in their blood, are allowed to behave like that, on stage, infront of an audience.

    What were they trying to do and prove? It is and was really disgusting.

    How can these people be taken serious in life? They absolutely did not have any audacity to put up such an abhoring act on that platform on this motherland.

    It's a shame, this has taken the entire light out of this year's event in my opinion.

  4. XAN says:

    i dont care wot u guys call it. fun or wotever…wots d moral power behind the act…akon and wyclef?

  5. Bjainskir says:

    If a girl wears bra and pant to the stage they will talk!

    As an entertainer, you should entertain, else the award show will be long forgotten in the unconscious of our memory…and the only thing to make it memorable based on the american norm/culture is to entice them with some catchy but yet censored jagonz which is exactly what Akon did…they got FREE DEM!

  6. I dnt see anything wrong with dat. It's cool.

  7. Eddy-x says:

    True pure unadultrated foolishness displayed by akon

  8. Holudare says:

    Okay, i think this article shouldn't have been titled this way if our comments are needed…Its like the article has already has already taken a side. Anyway, to me, its an award night where so much fun makes it the night people wont want to forget. Many wants to see artists do crazy and funny things apart from singing or just getting the plaque and leaving the stage. As long as they don't go naked. For God sake, we know what girls wear on award nights and no one calls it foolishness. People had fun yesterday with their star artists. Am sure you did too…*wink*

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