African Model: Ger Duany, South Sudan’s ‘Lost Boy’ Featured on CNN’s Inside Africa

Fashion model and Actor Ger Duany was recently featured on CNN’s Inside Africa. The sexy and hardworking model tells Inside Africa about a country he left behind because of the war and his hope for the newly formed nation. Watch his feature:

“Editor’s note: Ger Duany is a former child soldier and one of the ‘Lost boys of Sudan,’ a name given to the thousands of young boys who were separated from their families during the country’s civil war. He now lives and works in New York City as an actor and model. Duany recently visited South Sudan and writes for CNN about his hopes for the new nation, which turns six months on January 9.

(CNN) — It’s been almost two decades since I was separated from my family, my home and my past as a war child. Last year I was able to travel back to East Africa to find my parents, reconnect with others who survived the war and place my vote in the referendum that would eventually lead to the division of Sudan into two independent states.

On July 9 2011, the Republic of South Sudan was born. It’s hard to describe how I felt that day as I stood among tens of thousands of South Sudanese men, women and children waving our new flag and screaming “South Oye! Separation Oye!”

Through two civil wars that lasted a total of 39 years, this is what we had hoped, prayed and fought for; it was hard to believe it was happening in my lifetime.

Yes, each one of us has fears, hopes and dreams about how we are transforming into a nation. As a citizen, I don’t mind us having to crawl and take small steps in our progress. Development is not a race and for it to be sustainable it should be holistic. We’re starting from scratch and have a lot of ground to cover. . . ” – CNN

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  1. I was filming during Fashion Week many years ago and Ger walked into a studio for a casting. I dropped my camera and fell out of my chair. Truly the most beautiful PERSON I have ever seen up close in my life.

    1. Ladybrille Magazine says:

      🙂 He is gorgeous. 🙂

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