African Cinema: Watch the Season FINALE of ‘An African City,’ Africa’s Answer to ‘SEX and The City’ (VIDEO)

Overall, I find ‘An African City’ to be interesting and a well thought out story that I think most African expatriates can relate to. In this last finale episode, I cannot for the life of me understand why the woman who plays the Attorney character and who should in that role, know better, is seen smoking on a treadmill in the gym?! Incredulous.

Beyond the fact that her job is to understand rules and at a minimum further their enforcement, the health risk posed to others around her demonstrates the recklessness of that singular act.

I am unsure what the purpose of that scene was but it makes no sense at all, from all angles viewed. As in, what the heck was that and what were the filmmakers trying to achieve with that scene?!

I also think the ladies are being portrayed as women who jump into any sack at every chance with any man they meet, however brief the chanced meeting. It seems to undermine their push for sex education or anger over the lack of knowledge on who and how people get HIV/AIDS.

Is sexual liberation to be equated with getting into bed with everything that walks and has a third leg in the middle?! (It would make no difference if the genders were flipped and men were doing the same. In the 21st century, such actions, especially on the continent without more context provided by the filmmakers, is simply reckless).

Hopefully season 2 gives us more clarity on where Nicole Amarteifio (Creator, Co-Director, Writer,  and Executive Producer)  is headed with all of these.


(Scroll down to episode 10 for the season finale)

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