African Cinema: Esosa Edosamwan Launches ‘One Night in Brooklyn’ “Trans-African”First Feature Film

The Inspiration

The idea for One Night in Brooklyn came to me (Esosa Edosamwan) in 2008 while hanging with my friends at a house party in the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn.  We were all dealing with the same trials and tribulations of figuring out how to survive post-college. Some of us were artists navigating the balance between day jobs and creating our art, others entangled in the dramas and monotony of corporate America. Regardless of our backgrounds or current occupations, we were all also looking for love.

I realized that since the 90’s I had not seen any film or television shows that addressed the college/post-college experience. Some of my favorites were: A Different WorldSchool Daze, and of course, House Party. I wanted to see a story on the big screen that so many of my colleagues were yearning for as well. A story that would be our coming of age story about a group of educated post-college grads growing into their adulthood, like St. Elmo’s Fire or Reality Bites, but with a truly multi-cultural cast. This inspired me to take action and write the first draft of One Night in Brooklyn in 2008.

 Our Journey

After four years of refining the script, and finally finding the perfect cast and some essential members of our crew, we are on a mission to bring this film to life and begin production in July 2012. One Night in Brooklyn was awarded a grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council, received fiscal sponsorship from the Film Forum, and the first draft of the script was a Quarterfinalist in the BlueCat Screenwriting Competition and PAGE Internationational Screenwriting Awards.

The Team




Director/Writer: Esosa Edosomwan

Cinematographer: Sherri Kauk
Line Producer: Claudine Marrotte
Associate Producer: Oladipo Taiwo
Costume Designer: Eniola Dawodu

For more about the team visit our website:

I Am TransAfrican

At the core of One Night in Brooklyn is the idea of the TransAfrican community. I define the TransAfrican community as a group of people within the African Diaspora: African Americans, Africans, West Indians, Afro-Latinos, Afro-Europeans etc. who are not afraid to honor where they come from and let this inform how they express themselves where they are today. Being a first generation Nigerian born in the United States, I realized how many others of varying backgrounds shared similar experiences. The multicultural cast of One Night in Brooklyn seeks to give this experience a voice and to reflect the true diversity in the Brooklyn community and in the African Diaspora. This film is for a worldwide audience that is looking to consume content that reflects the TransAfrican experience.

Become a Founding Producer

Our campaign will not only raise funds to make our movie, we will also support the TransAfrica Forum. For every donation as one of our Founding Producers, starting from $110 and up, 10% will go directly to the TransAfrica Forum, an advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. that seeks to influence the foreign policy of theUnited States concerning African countries and the African Diaspora. .  .”

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